Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Wow! I have had a hard time catching up since we got back from our cruise! Things are finally back to normal this week.

Well, Megan and Trevor started a new school today. It went pretty well. Megan was so excited and so nervous she wouldn't stop talking this morning. If you can imagine that. Ha ha! Trevor was trying to pretend that he was sick so he wouldn't have to go. I was surprised that he was acting like he was. Usually he is so happy go lucky, and he was talking about his new school all weekend. I guess it just hit him in the morning. He is such a homebody anyway, so that doesn't help either once he gets it set in his mind that he doesn't want to go somewhere.

We finally were able to get him into the car and he was so quiet all the way to school.

We met Megan's teacher first. She is awesome. She looks like Polly Pocket, so I am sure Megan already likes her because of that. The best thing was, when we walked over to meet the teacher, a bunch of girls kept yelling, "Is that a new girl? Can she come sit by meeeeee?" Within seconds I couldn't see Megan anymore because she was in the middle of a circle of giddy, giggly second grade girls. I finally caught a glimpse of her smiling. I think she is going to be very happy. She even decided that she wanted to ride the bus home today because she has a bus buddy. Wow, that is going to be weird.

Her classroom is cool. They even have a class pet. A hampster. How cool is that?

Trevor met his substitute teacher for the day. Bummer that his teacher wasn't here for his first day, but he lit up and seemed like he was going to be fine too. He wanted to hold the door open as the class walked in so he could say HI to everybody as they walked in. He is such a social little guy. Already making friends. :) I am so happy.

His room is cool too! The first thing I noticed was colorful stuff ALL over the walls. His other kindergarten room wasn't like that at all. Plus they had a huge MOUND of smilie face beanbag chairs. Even I wanted to make a running jump into them because they looked so happy!

Mike stayed in his room with him to help out until Trevor got the hang of things. I had Matthew with me, who thought he was going to school there, so he was crying that we had to leave.

I can't wait to hear about their day. I am sure I will hear a lot of great stories about new friends.


Thursday, February 02, 2006

I know, I haven't spent much time here lately. Things have been super crazy. Megan was really sick for a few weeks. Found out that she had pnemonia. It was a pretty big scare to us before we found out what it was. Then the boys got sick. Ugh. It seems like we always spend the winter months sick.

Thank goodness though, everybody is happy and healthy and ready to leave on our trip to Miami tomorrow! Woohoo! Voyager of the Seas here we come!

We will be going to:

St. Thomas
San Juan

Should be fun! The kids are really excited about it. I will definitely post some photos when we get back! Bon Voyage!