Monday, March 27, 2006


Is there a pancake on my head or something? I don't get it. Today has been a weird day. I started out somewhat early to look for a quilt for Megan's new bed. As I'm driving down my street, I see a neighbor from the end of my street that I don't really know driving in the opposite direction. I smile and wave. He looked me right in the eye and kept driving. big. I go about my shopping. I found a quilt by the way.

So then I am standing at the corner waiting for Trevor's bus to drop him off. It is so beautiful outside today. It is overcast, there is a nice breeze, and it must be in the 70's. Perfect day. Three other neighbors drive down my street as I am standing on the corner. I smile and wave. Again, nobody waves back. One in particular was a police car with a K9 badge on the side of it. My next door neighbor is a K9 cop too, so I'm assuming he is going to my neighbor's house. I smile and wave. He stares right at me and drives by like he is looking for addresses. I watch him drive down the street as I am starting to get paranoid that Trevor's bus is almost 10 minutes late. I start to think the worse, but watch him get out of his car. Now I'm thinking, "wow, this guy isn't in a good mood. I hope he isn't looking for my house. Why is the bus so late anyway??"

Then a woman that I casually know from school with a girl who is in Trevor's class drives by. She looks right at me and doesn't acknowledge me. Again...weird. I swear this happens one more time with one more car that goes down my street. I am swearing myself off of being nice for the rest of the day. What is so dang hard?? Smile! Wave! Or go stay in your house and be grumpy. So there is my little vent.

Or is it something wrong with me? Did I put my underwear over my jeans on accident? Is there a booger in my nose? What is it???

Oh well, the most important thing is that Trevor hopped off the bus and gave me a huge hug. I guess I am ok after all. ;)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Scrappin' at 37,000 feet

We are back from our little trip! It was nice, and fun to get away. I am a hard core scrapper. I made little kits for me to put together on the airplane while we flew to Orlando.

This is one of the cards I did for a swap that I am in. It kept me busy, but trying to scrap on one of those little tray tables was kind of interesting.

Getting home was kind of hectic. Long story short, we ended up coming back through Salt Lake City. I was so glad that we did. Although I had totally packed for Florida weather, and not Utah snow. So I was pretty cold. We had a great time during our five hour layover though.

Soon we were back on a plane and headed home again. It feels good to be back. The kids are back at school and we are back into a routine. Good. Last week during spring break was full of late nights and no schedules. I'm a schedule girl.

I'll post some of the pictures that we took in Utah in a little bit. :) (That would require me getting my lazy self up the stairs and into my bag that the camera is in)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Polly Pocket

Wow! Somebody up there must like me, because I thought I would try adding this layout on one more time .... and *poof* it worked! Yay!

So here you go! Sorry about the glare on the chipboard letters, they are the shiny Heidi Swapp ones. Usually I would sand them and paint them, but somehow shiny works on a totally girl layout.

For those in the know...Me & My Big Ideas PP, American Crafts monogram card, and cute little rhinestone in the center of the flower from my friend Beth! Thanks Beth!

The journaling reads, "There is just something about young girls and those little dolls, rubber clothes and way cool accessories! Megan has loved Polly Pocket since she was 4 - when I surprised her with one that I packed in her suitcase when she went to California with daddy. She asks for them for birthdays, Christmas and sometimes ... just because. I have lost track of how many of them are in her room!"



Well, for some reason I can't post a layout that I worked on last night. Bummer...I'll try again later. My friend Lisa said it best about this free blog place and why I always have so much trouble posting photos...."freebies suck." Makes me think it might be worth paying for a place to have a blog.

It is raining again today! This is such a treat for our state!

The kids return to school tomorrow. I'm kind of sad, since I get used to having them around. They might drive me a little crazy, but I really do enjoy the noise and the life the house has when they are around. Although doing a Target errand is much easier without kids in tow! ;) Not to mention cheaper. It is so hard to say no when I like playing with their toys with them.

Mike and I are heading to Florida for a quick trip this week. Just an overnight trip. It is a business trip for him, but I get to go along! There is no way I could say no when I get to fly for free with him, plus enjoy a stay in a nice hotel and a nice dinner. The flight is just long enough for me to be able to relax, listen to the ipod, and maybe even read and COMPLETE a book! I'm kind of excited about that!! This will be a nice little diversion!

Just hanging out today...enjoying the rain!


Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thanks to my parents for naming me after the county in Ireland! It always makes me feel super cool on St. Patricks day!!

I was talking to my mom earlier this week, and she was busy going through boxes of old greeting cards. Apparently I thought it was really funny to make a card for just about every holiday with the same poem on the inside. I just changed the characters to fit the holiday.

So this is for my mom:

There once was a leprechaun
who ran so fast....
he tripped over a stump and
fell on his


Yes, I was a geeky kid. But you know when you are at that age, and you think it is cool to even somewhat say a 'bad' word.

Thanks mom and dad...for putting up with me!

Happy St. Patrick's day to everybody! Now I am off to further celebrate by listening to U2! I love my Irish boys. :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Family snow day.

Monday was the official beginning of Spring Break for the kids. Our awesome weekend of cold weather dumped a lot of snow up north. Mike took the day off from work, and we drove up to Payson and the rim to play in the snow.

I hadn't realized that this was Matthew's first time seeing snow. I don't know what he was thinking it was going to be like, but once he stepped in it and fell a couple feet through it, he decided it wasn't that fun.

Trevor is such a good sport. That poor guy, I have so many pictures of him with snowballs in mid air aimed right at him. He was laughing the entire time. Life is so good for that kid, he is always happy! Megan made snow angels, and threw snowballs at everybody. She was having so much fun falling through the snow, her jeans were soaking wet. Next year.....snow bibs and real snow boots. You can tell we are from Phoenix when we go up there to play in jeans and sweaters.

It was a fun day, and a good start to the week.


WOW! We had rain on Saturday! Like....REAL rain that lasted all day. It was so nice. We have needed it so badly and it made for a great day inside!

Megan and I were out for a little bit in the morning, and then stopped at the Bread Basket bakery for lunch. It was so nice to sit at the barstool area and watch the rain as we ate our sandwiches and cookies. I also picked up my usual loaves of bread to take home. Fresh white bread, and sourdough! Yum.

The best part was coming home and seeing that all the rain we had overnight had flooded our park! There were about 30 ducks swimming around in the water. They were having such a great time, and I was just laughing that they were swimming and enjoying the rain too.

We pretty much stayed in all day, watching TV together and and snuggling under blankets. :)


Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I think my computer is conspiring against me. I'm trying something out here. Hopefully this works.

Friday, March 10, 2006

My Boys

Not much going on this week. Such is the exciting life of a stay at home mom. But given the sickness we have had over this winter season, I'm actually HAPPY to report that we are.....boring! Ha ha!

I did a page tonight while watching American Idol. I love reality TV!

See that little black strip of paper? That is from my good friend Lisa who spotted that cute BOY paper at JoAnn's and gave it to me! Thanks Lisa! I'm putting it to good use already!

Here is the journaling: " All I wanted was a nice photo of the two of you, sitting next to each other with big smiles - but on this day neither of you would cooperate and let me get that 'perfect' picture. Instead you both kept rocking the bench and laughing because I was begging for you both to smile. You were plotting against me!

Then after a deep breath, I realized that this is what having a brother really is all about. I watched you for a few minutes while you were both talking about boy things (rocks) and laughing because you were having fun playing on the bench.

You both are really close, and play together so nicely most of the time. But you are both boys. You argue and take things away from each other, you make each other cry and fight for the best lap to sit on when we all watch TV together, but in an instant everything can change and you are both hugging each other and making sure that each other are safe and happy. I hope you both always have a wonderful relationship as brothers, and in the end I think I did get that perfect picture that I was hoping for. It is what I see you two do everyday - interacting with each other, talking with each other and playing with each other. That is perfect to me!"

Tomorrow is Friday! The kids have half days at school, and then SPRING BREAK next week! I can't wait!

Love to all!!


Sunday, March 05, 2006


Wheeee! Look! I finally have a layout posted on my blog! (Thanks Mike!)

Today I have been busy scrapping. I was lucky enough to be chosen to be on a design team for a super cool scrapbook store near my house called Devine Memories. Today I picked up my page kits, plus worked on some pages for a swap, PLUS did a page for myself. This one right here.

I love this photo of two of my boys. This was a fun one for me to do. Pretty simple since the whole thing is pretty much a photo!

Nothing exciting going on here. It has been a pretty quiet weekend. :)

Friday, March 03, 2006

What is wrong with me? I really can't get moving today. I'm sure this will be a very thrilling post for anybody who is unfortunate enough to read it. Ha ha!

I'm just in a funk lately. I am so tired of working and then later in the day it all looks like nothing has been done. I know, mostly it is just clutter, and the house is actually 'clean' but it still feels like I am taking one step forward and three steps back lately. I get like this every now and then. I let everything get out of control and then I have a day where I do it all from morning until I go to bed around midnight. Sometimes I just secretly hate that Mike can actually sit down and relax and watch TV at night. I can't. I am still doing something while we watch TV, like organize a drawer, iron or scrap. I don't hold it against him, I actually think it is a good thing that he can. I just wish that I could make myself do that. I'm always thinking about what I should be doing. I hate that. I seriously can't watch a movie because I think that I should be wiping off the dusty baseboards. I mean how can we possibly LIVE in a house with dusty baseboards?!?! - This is also coming from a girl who would clean her hospital room after having babies, or pre-clean for housekeeping on a ship or hotel. I'm sick.

I even sat out in the atrium for about 30 minutes this morning. The weather is so perfect right now. I read a magazine. I was listening to the birds, and even a hummingbird flew in to eat from the feeder. Totally buzzed my head too, the freaky thing. But I was wondering why I don't do that more often. It just felt good. I was thinking about how someday when my kids have moved out and I am 'retired' with mike, that I'll probably be sitting out there doing the same things but wishing the kids were licking the sliding glass doors again.

OK, and my goal for today is to have Mike show me how to post my layouts on my blog.

Adios muchachos.