Monday, June 30, 2008

heaven in kentucky

Oh my gosh, today couldn't possibly get any more beautiful. It rained earlier, and there are still clouds everywhere. We may get more sprinkles in a bit. And dare I say that it is in the low 70s and breezy.

The only thing to make it any better was that the horses that are in the pasture at the front of our subdivision were out by the fence today. They are usually off kind of far to where you can see them, but it's rare for them to be standing right by the front. So the only person who wanted to go on a soda run with me was Megan. Yep, another Megan picture post because the boys didn't want to go anywhere and stayed home with daddy.

Megan and I came around the corner to these two:

There are a couple of other horses, one is a huge chestnut thoroughbred, and the other is a pinto yearling, but they couldn't get to close as these two were total pigs for attention.

We had to seize the opportunity to get out and pet them. See mom and dad? All those years of stopping on the side of the road, pointing out horses along the way and it has all come back. What goes around really comes around.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

a picture post for the fam

This is going to be a Megan heavy post simply because she is my only one who lets me take pictures of her. The boys just get annoyed with me when I try to get pictures of them. Just wait you guys.... and I don't want to hear ONE WORD of complaints as to why there are more photos or pages of Megan. You had your chance. And no, I'm not going to bribe you all the time.

We went out for a drive again today. There is nothing better (or cheaper) than the days we have spent out exploring and finding the neatest places to stop at. We took a picnic with, so we had nothing but time. Plus, thankfully the weather has still been prime for days outside.

My girl, looking much bigger than I'd like to admit. Holy cow, she'll be 10 in a matter of months.

I got this one from sticking the camera in between my seat and the door of the car. I called her name and this is what I got. I love how quickly she'll smile towards a camera, even if I'm not looking. I love that she was playing with one of her American Girl dolls. It looks like Ruthie was getting a ponytail.

Ruthie and Julie go everywhere with her right now. (Julie must have slipped further down into the backpack, but she's there!) I love that even though Megan is getting bigger, she still has that little girl in her who will carry her doll with her. When she was big enough to hold onto one on her own, she always had a baby doll with her.

I'm going to have to be stealthy and try to get some pictures of the boys soon. Please stand by.

Monday, June 23, 2008

summer blahs.

It's summer. OK, and I can't even say it is the kids. It's me... with summertime blahs.
I don't know if the weather here is typical, but it is nice compared to summertime in Phoenix where everybody starts to suffer from cabin fever from staying inside air conditioned houses for 3 months. Now if the kids are bored they can go outside and play. They've been kept pretty busy with games, computers, playing with each other and new friends, so they really aren't the problem at all.
I don't know if it is just that I've been on auto pilot in move mode for so long now or what. When I wake up in the morning I just stay in bed for about an extra hour dreading to get up. It means another day of putting things away, trying to keep on top of regular life, save money, blah blah blah....
I'm in a funk. Even though it sounds like we've been busy I was watching our little hammies run on the wheel in their cage the other day. What makes them want to get up and do that every single day? They never get anywhere. Sometimes they'll start running faster like if they speed up they might get to where they are going. But they still end up on the bottom of the wheel, rocking back and forth after a good run. Then they jump off and bury themselves in the bedding under their little plastic igloo again.
That's how I fee lately every single day. It's the same routine of work work work and by the end of the day I don't feel like I can see any progress. Maybe it's just hard for me because I look at it all the time. Mike comes home and notices what I've done. To me it's one more box broken down and thrown into the garage waiting for trash day.
Finances are nill. I think that is the hardest part. Like a lot of other people we are really feeling the pinch right now and maybe that is the hardest part. Feeling like you are running, constantly but not seeing much for the work you've done. Moms don't get paychecks.
Maybe it will help when the kids start school in the fall and we are on a schedule again. Don't get me wrong, I'm just in a fog with a lot of worries and things on my mind. On that stupid hamster wheel again....
.....and to top it all off Lisa keeps sending me photos with her iphone of tasty looking plates with oozing cheese from Mexican restaurants that she's been to. And nasty photos of remnants of guacamole in an empty bowl and a table dotted with tiny chip crumbs. She's so mean. Seriously, have you no shame? Get a girl while she's down.
......also, why does this post keep showing up without any breaks between the paragraphs like I typed it? Grrr.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Surprise! American Girl Place.


The first thing Megan said was, "I woke up this morning and had no idea that I'd be going to Chicago today!"

She has had a piggy bank that she has had since she was a baby that she found the other day. For two years she was an only child, so Mike and I would drop change in there pretty often before she had to start sharing with Trevor's piggy bank and then Matthew's. But man, those exclusive two years were good to her. That and she has been pretty good about saving her allowance lately. The girl has been working hard. She does jobs nobody else wants to do, like letting the dogs out in the morning and chasing them as they run down into other people's yards. (Allowing me to stay in bed!)

Things are tight right now, but this is her money. Apparently she broke open the bank and had been counting money since before Mike and I woke up this morning. We were woken up with, "I have enough for the American Girl doll I want!!"

Ugh, I started to break into the speech about how she should save the money, blah blah blah... but honestly, she's earned it.

Mike looked online to see how full the flights were to Chicago today since he had the day off. He was thinking the same thing I was. (Taking her there instead of ordering the doll online. That would be so fun and make a memorable trip. Basically only costing the amount of one cab ride and a cheap hot dog lunch.)

I took them to the airport where we kept saying that Megan was going to flight attendant school for the day. I kept telling her she was going to learn how to hand out peanuts. When she and Mike got out of the car, that's when he told her the big surprise!

Megan and Ruthie enjoying a first class seat on the way back home to Kentucky. (Why is it when I fly for free the only seats available are the middle? Mike and Megan have golden luck since this is her 2nd time in first class. Me = ZERO.) :p

Now, only 10 more days until the Kit Kittredge movie comes out. I bet even Mike knows that now too since I'm sure he had an education in American Girl today! And speaking of, thanks Mike for the photos! I would have been sad without them.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

barn of the week:

I AM going to get a good photo of that barn. That is my goal. - It is huge. I mean, that is only the roof. - It's also on a winding two lane road near our subdivision so I couldn't line up to get it at a good angle since I was driving. This was the only way I could get it at a little spot that I could pull over at.

I am fascinated by the barns and farmy stuff around here. It is so beautiful, and you'd think we lived in a very rural area. But we are near shopping and restaurants and everything I'm used to.

I'm sure the area was ALL farms not long ago, because you can see that within the past 5 or so years that some have been sold off and are being developed. I'm sure it is heartbreaking to some of the people who have been here forever, but lucky for me or I wouldn't have a house in the middle of it all.

But OH do I love being able to enjoy it and see it all.

Today we went for a little drive. Mike is in training right now and I needed a caffiene kick start. (Thank you McDonalds for the $1 summertime soda. I buy my sodas with the change I find in the laundry and on the floor. Hey, if it's left there, it's mine right? It's my paycheck for motherhood. And come to think of it I think I deserve a raise!)

Anyway, so we headed out to explore.

There are roads like this everywhere. Long roads with trees overhead, lots of grassy land with some historical markers along the way. Some day I'm going to get out and read the signs about the area. I am honestly looking forward to school starting just so I have some time to myself to go out and look.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thank you nana and papa!

I almost forgot it was Friday! The kids woke up this morning and were all beside themselves. "IT'S FRIDAY!"

Is Friday supposed to be something important that I forgot? Apparently so. Until I was reminded that today was "cool ice cream truck day!" How could I have forgotten something like that? Geeze mom.

Earlier today we went to Cincinnati to go on an errand. It took about an hour round trip, and when we got back we checked our mailbox. The kids all got a letter from my mom and dad, each with $2 and a little note to buy some kona ice snowcones when the ice cream truck came. What perfect timing!!

They were all so worried that we may have missed him when we were in Ohio. Then about 2 hours after being home (and having the windows open on this perfect weather day! Sorry to rub that in with the Phoenicians.... you are fully allowed to get me back when it starts snowing here in the winter ok?) there was the sound of "Don't Worry Be Happy" the unmistakable song of the cool truck.

Perfect timing!
Matthew got a snow cone too, but was running down the street waving. He says thank you too!

Thank you from all of us and lots of blog love!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A gorgeous day at the park and happy birthday to mike.

This is going to be a photo heavy post. I have to keep the out of state family up to date in photos!

Today was Mike's birthday, and he had the day off. The weather was perfect. I honestly wouldn't have known it was summer since occasionally I had to stand in the sun to warm up. It was in the low 70s, dry and breezy. Perfect.

We went to a state park we kept seeing signs for. Called Big Bone Lick. We always giggled at the name, but after reading a bit about it, it makes sense. Unfortunately whoever was in charge of naming places around here wasn't all that creative. Salt + big excavated bones = Big Bone Lick.

We want to go back to this place often. It is beautiful, and has a lake and campgrounds. I'm not a camper, but if I have to, this is the place. There is a guardhouse, a pool, restrooms, showers and a general store on the property. Plus you pay for a paved space for your car and you get a nicely kept patch of grass and a BBQ. If I'm going to be sleeping outdoors, this is it.

There are historic buildings, playgrounds and a wildlife viewing area with bison. And TONS of walking paths. All of this is nestled in green grassy hills and wooded forest areas. You don't feel like you are on top of other people all the time.

I don't know what these are, but I call them Kentucky weeds. They are everywhere. They are so pretty, and since they aren't cactus I'm fascinated with them.

The timing on this is awesome. Before we moved Megan was watching a show with one of these merry go round things on it. She asked me what it was and I was telling her how our school used to have one, but now they probably aren't considered safe so they've all been taken out.
I told her the point of the whole game was to spin it fast enough to where people fell off, and then the last person on had to stay on until they thought they were going to throw up. Ah, but I'm sure some skulls were cracked over the years and no more of these were to be found.

Until TODAY! It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. For the record, Trevor was wanting to be spun faster and notice Mike's legs there to pick him up. It isn't like I'd just photograph the poor kid without helping him out. As bad as this photo looks, he was laughing a second later. No cracked skulls.

Action shot!
wood chips
She says she's had enough for awhile.
But you can always pause to take a picture.

yep, still more

This cool bridge goes over a creek that is between some of the fields and playgrounds, and more of the park. Megan enjoyed tormenting Trevor who didn't like the fact that the bridge swayed when you walked across it. (Actually we are all kind of guilty of tormenting him a little on the bridge!)


There is also a gorgeous plantation house on the site, but I only made it as far as the church to get a photo.

These are some tired kids. This was at a very cool little general store and antique store. Matthew is actually crying because when we pulled up to park, there was a friendly dog that was walking up to the car to greet us. We were all making "aww" noises at the dog while Mike was putting the windows up. Not knowing that Matthew had stuck his head out the window to see the dog too since he was sitting in the very back seat. Resulting in the poor guy getting his head closed in the window. He was a trooper though, and tried to sit for a picture he knew I was trying to get of the other two kids.
Trevor the bug hunter. He's fascinated by all of the cool bugs out here. Right now there are ladybugs everywhere.

Matthew and the stinky bison. He said he knew we were on the right path because he could smell them without seeing them.

With a rebel yell....

I think Matthew is channeling his inner Billy Idol here. What do you think?

I also think he is D.O.N.E. with me trying to get a nice picture of him. 5 year old boys have so many other things to be doing than standing still for less than one second.
And off he goes....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

the COOLEST ice cream truck EVER!

I think I'll blog just about anything anymore, but this ice cream truck really was wicked cool.
Mike was out front doing some yard work and he called me in the house to hear this truck coming down the street. It had strobe lights on the front and the headlights were blinking back and forth. If you couldn't see it, you couldn't miss hearing it too. The music was like carribean party music IN STEREO. (Matthew said it sounded like when we were on a cruise.) This was no ordinary ice cream truck.
It went down our street, and I knew it had to come back out by our house because the street ends in a cul-de-sac. I called the kids outside because my boys LOVE snow cones and this was the coolest part of the whole truck - - - when you ordered shaved ice, you got to put your own syrup on from a little area on the side of the truck!! How cool is that?!?! I knew the boys would freak out!
For some reason blogger is picky and won't let me post all of the photos in one post, so there are more photos below.

Friday, June 13, 2008


It's raining!! Yes. I looooove this. It is supposed to rain all day. You know how you watch the weather in Arizona and the only red spots are always up north, and Phoenix was always clear? Yeah.... we're in a red spot baaybeee!


I guess people always complain about what they don't have. People in rainy areas always complain about the rain, and I always wanted rain. I'm a happy camper today. It is supposed to be off and on until 9:00 tonight. :)

Mike is home for 6 straight days so he's busy doing things that I can't do very easily, like putting the boys' beds together and hanging some heavy stuff on the walls. It is getting more and more put together every day.

I have to say that I am looking forward to one of the first days where we wake up and say, "What should we do today? There is nothing else move related to do." It feels like life has been boxes and packing, and driving and unpacking for so long.

There are a million things I can't wait to get out and do. One of the first things I want to do is go to the aquarium. I am so excited about living somewhere that has one. I'm used to having to visit one when we go to a different city. As much as the ocean freaks me out, as long as I know those funky fish are on the other side of thick glass and can't eat me, I find them fascinating. Oh, and there is also an exhibit right now called the Frog Bog. I can't wait to see the froggies. :)

There are some great state parks nearby that I want to go to. We drove by one the other day and it had these incredible walking paths with trees over them, and lots of people with their dogs.

One of the main streets where a lot of shopping is, is called Turfway. The horse racing park sits at the top of the hill and I just love looking at it when I'm driving by. Not that I'm into horse racing, but I love the stables. I want to go in there SO BAD. I wonder if they need volunteers? Haha!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


photos - the last stretch

These are out of order, I don't know how that happened... considering St. Louis comes before Kentucky!

Megan took these as we were crossing the bridge over the river into Kentucky. I'm proud of her for her composition on the river one! Plus she must like cool looking industrial stuff like me:
Another Megan photo. She was pretty happy to finally be close to the end of the trip.

Rest stop photo of Piper.

This was at the rest stop in Missouri. They had a huge grass area for the dogs to play in, plus a huge playset and picnic area for the kids. We stayed there for awhile to let the kids stretch and play a little.

Like I've mentioned before, rest areas here aren't like rest areas in the west. There was a beautiful building with vending machines for snacks, and another area where you could get maps and all sorts of information on the state. Most places have bags that they give the kids with coloring books and stickers too. It was like state to state trick or treating for the kids.


The 'boy' truck.

This one is for my dad. Pop quiz: where are we??