Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy halloween!

Not only am I glad that it is Halloween just for the fun day itself, but also this marks the end of the crazy/busy month of October at our house. Fall festivals, pumpkin walks, three birthdays, another month of single parenthood and normal life. October has been a blur.
I feel so unorganized lately. I have a calendar to help me remember who has what on what days and all that, but the bad thing about the calendar is that it doesn't do some of the work for me.
Three halloween class parties today, and stuff that needed to be brought in for those, making regular lunches in hopes that some good food will be eaten by these children today, one more pumpkin to carve, plus a shortened day as far as sunlight goes. I'm sure as soon as the kids get home we'll be getting started on dinner and costumes. I am going nuts with the rushed feeling I've had lately. I'm pretty high anxiety in the first place.
I am officially worn out. Done. Cooked. Frazzled. - and 3 more days left in the countdown!
Happy halloween!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Are you smarter than a 2nd grader?

I'm sure I am like every other mom who thinks their child is a genius. Not too long ago we were in the car listening to the radio and Trevor told me that the part of the song that was on was called the 'bridge.' He told me when the reprise was, and all that. Words that are vaguely familiar to me, but if you asked me I might not remember the answer.

Tonight at dinner I asked T if he finished his homework, and if he had his spelling pre-test tomorrow. He said he had it today and that he didn't have to do the spelling part of his homework because he does "super spelling" or something like that. I didn't believe him, because he does try to get away with sneaky things like not brushing his teeth, or to get out of homework.

He says, "I am! My words are different than the ones on that list. One that I had to do today was courteous. Do you want me to spell it so you'll belive me? C O U R T E O U S. Gah, you neeeever believe me!"

OK, so he was right. Plus I caught him helping his sister on her 4th grade math today. Not that his sister is behind in math, but Trevor LOVES math. (OK and I have asked him random math questions thinking he won't know the answer and he does. It's almost freaky.)

It got me to thinking about the same thought that I had back during the conversation about music. I am so glad that the time he was a week old and I dropped him, that I didn't cause permanant damage to his little brain. Apparently that car seat really did protect him. (I was walking down stairs at a restaurant and tripped. Resulting in falling about 6 steps towards the bottom of the stairs, carseat with baby strapped in, mid air and falling fast. I felt so bad. I cried for a long time, but Trevor just sat in the seat like a happy little guy.

Then not too long after that (since he was still in the car seat and tiny) we went out for dinner one night. Trevor was a lousy sleeper, so I was in a zombie state for about a year. We went to Macayo's. I set him on the table and we ate. It took me awhile to realized that I had set the poor kid on top of one of those candles that they use to keep the cheese crisps warm. His seat was pretty toasty. Here I am, really trying to ruin this kid. I'm positive I had divine help that first year.

All in all, I'm just glad to know that I didn't ruin him. What a relief. ;)

Monday, October 22, 2007


I'm a little ticked.

Today I went to Target. I went towards the back in the hope that I might find some little halloween thing I couldn't live without. (A habit I keep up until after Halloween and there is no more sign of any black or orange.) On my way back I noticed that the little endcaps throughout the store that would have the Halloween type linens like place mats and table runners were gone.

Then I see that the cups and things in the kitchen areas were gone.

Replaced with - get this - CHRISTMAS stuff!

Where did the Halloween linen stuff and kitchen stuff go to??????

They just threw it all willy nilly in the Halloween section in the back! (Which already shares with the stupid pre lit moving reindeer, seal and moose.) The poor stacks of stuff didn't even have a dignified shelf tag.

They are moving out my Halloween stuff and getting it ready for clearance BEFORE it is even Halloween!! Can't I have my moment here people? I mean I've been waiting for this all year long and now it's bad enough I have to share it with Christmas, but to take it away from the other areas of the store???? To cast aside the cute little 99 cent Halloween scrubby sponges like they don't have any worth?!?!?

This rates right up there with the whole CK/KC HOF scandal. I would almost say boycott Target, but they know they have me wrapped right around Bullseye the dog's little paw finger.

.... and speaking of Target ....

"Matthew, where would you like to go for your birthday dinner?"

"Target. They have good popcorn."

I love that kid.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

the tooth fairy uses new technology

Not long ago Megan lost a front tooth. I was a horrible mom and remember that was a night Mike was out of town and I was exhausted before I went to bed, so I forgot to put some money under her pillow. Thank goodness that night she had also come into my room because she had a nightmare and slept with me.

So when she woke up to look under her pillow in her room and noticed the tooth was still there, I thought quick and said that I would check my email. Sure enough, the tooth fairy emailed me to say since Megan wasn't in her own bed, she would try again the next night. Whew.

Sure enough the next night she had a visit from the tooth fairy.

Last night Megan looses another tooth. Same deal, she puts the tooth under her bed but this time I don't have ANY cash and it is way too late to go get some. I ended up downstairs and rummaged through my scrap stuff. I found a Target giftcard that was left over from when my friends decorated my front yard with a ton of them on my birthday years ago. I was saving them to make a page someday.

Instead, I wrapped it up with a 'letter from the tooth fairy' that she had $5 credit on this card. (There's nothing left on it, but I always pay the cashier so she would never notice that it was blank anyway.) I had no idea she even had a loose tooth (she told me she didn't know either, so I can't feel that bad.) But I do have to applaude myself for some quick thinking creativity! haha!

Now I have learned my lesson. Trevor has a tooth that has been loose for a couple of weeks. You can bet that I am prepared for that one to come out. I have money ready.

Friday, October 19, 2007

A revolution has started! haha! Free Simon and all that!

Long story behind how I came to have this on my scraproom wall. Add to that, a smaller button that is now pinned on my visor in my car, so everytime I drive anywhere I am reminded that "It is OK."

- and Laura. Now I think of Laura wherever I go.

Last year when Laura (don't know how to link, but she's the chick with the blog linked on here somewhere.) came out for the 2Peas crop, we ended up at Target before she had to go to the airport. She loved this little swag thingie made of felt pumpkins. So when I went back to Target after Halloween I found it and had it sitting on my desk all year. I finally got it to her in time so she could use it this year!

These are what she sent me in return! I really have to laugh when I see them. I have friends with the most odd sense of humor. Which is exactly why we all get along.

Speaking of friends, I was tagged by Michelle (another chick with the link somewhere over there) --> -->

It kind of goes with my obsession of liking to fill out questionaires. Or maybe I just like to talk about myself. Who knows, but I am thrilled to be tagged. Here it goes:

1. What is your spouses name? Mike. Or MIA as he's been known for a little while. ;)

2. How long have you been together? We met in 87. Plus married 17 years. = 20 years. Whoa.

3. How long did you date? 3 years

4. Who eats more? Me.

5. Who said I love you first? him

6. Who is taller? I think we're both the same

7.Who sings better? oooo, definitely him.

8. Who is smarter? definitely him. I suffer from mommy brain.

9. Whose temper is worse? Yeah, that would be mine.

10. Who does the laundry? me mostly, but he helps.

11. Who does the dishes? Me. He cooks. It's a fair trade.

12. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? the dog.

13. Who pays the bills? He brings home the bacon, da da da, fries it up in a paaaan... da da da

14. Who mows the lawn? like Michelle said, a team of dudes.

15. Who cooks dinner? him. He's a food artist.

16. Who drives when you are together? It kind of depends. Usually him so I can beat the kids over the head if needed. ;)

17. Who is more stubborn? Geeze, this list makes me look terrible. Definitely me.

18. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? I am never wrong.

19. Who kissed who first? Hee hee. Him. In a green Samarai listening to Alphaville.

20. Who asked who out? he asked me.

21. Who proposed? Him.

22. Who is more sensitive? yep, me again.

23. Who has more friends? split.

24. Who wears the pants in the family? both. I prefer jeans.

Now I'm going to tag Lisa. I'd tag more, but really that seems unfair to not leave more for her to tag now does it? Then again, it may take a month for her to update her blog.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


This photo cracks me up. If that isn't a look of guilt....

How do you install a doggie door on your arcadia door?

This is how we do it at our house.

First, open glass door and shut screen door to allow beautiful fall air into the house. You should already have your dogs in the backyard at this point.

Second, have somebody ring doorbell on the front of the house.

Third, have 50 pound lab puppy not realize the screen door is shut while thinking she is doing her duty of protecting the family from whoever is at the front door. Run full bore through screen until there is a hole big enough for puppy to go in and out of for the rest of the season.

Friday, October 12, 2007

for daddy

From the picture below, to this.

The last of the single digits. Nine years old.

Happy birthday Megan!

Happy birthday to my little girl!! It has been the most amazing NINE years ever!!!

We love you!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm the multi-tasking queen. What do you do when you are waiting for the pork chops to broil? Make a page. ;)
I think I'll just keep on making 8x12 enlargements. It almost feels like cheating.

Monday, October 08, 2007

My scanner is protesting from all of the times I have accused it of being dirty or cutting off half of a page. Or it may have been bumped by the kids one too many times. I have to resort to a photo. Which Lisa is wanting to see.
She is my inspiration for this page. Being that she gave me that cool scrollish rub on, and I pulled out the sewing machine to do wavy stitching on the top and bottom like she does.
You might be able to see it if you click on the picture. It was very stressful to NOT stitch in a straight line. I am the one who makes sure all of my brad thingies line up the same way on the back of my pages. It stresses me out to know if they are all wonky back there.
Check out the screws on all of my outlet and switch covers at my house... they are all lined up horizontally. Yep, who's OCD?
So this was a big test for me. Whew, I did it. And - I LIKE IT. *singing* think George Michael's Freedom....
Oh, and if you are interested in the journaling, here it is:
What is the best thing about losing a front tooth? Of course, it's having a place to put your straw! I love watching Trevor when he is drinking a soda. It must be a little quirk that I didn't realize I liked so much until I started to notice that I have a lot of pictures of him like this throughout the years. - We were taking a break from swimming and I was taking pictures while watching him enjoy a coke.
It is fall break, and we have been super busy. Which is much better than being bored! Ha!
My little girly is going to Kentucky tomorrow morning for a few days. She is so excited. She's all packed up, and we made a trip to Target to find some things to put in her carry on. Books, coloring books, a charged MP3 player, Nintendo DS..... she should be set.
Now I have to remember to breathe until she comes home.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

little tiny airplanes

It is a valuable lesson to be learned. Be careful what you say because you never know when it could become birthday fodder when you have the weirdest of friends!

A million little airplanes! (At least it looked that way!) That is what I got in my front yard for my birthday this year. From what I understand, all hand cut by Beth (the original martha stewart) And since they came the night before, I had NO CLUE about it.

It was hysterical! And I really appreciate the effort considering my front yard is still gravel. Those sticks are hard to get into the ground!! See, had I known, I would have watered the yard for them. But no... they had to be sneaky.

I left them up until the morning so the kids could see them. I noticed neighbors driving slowly trying to figure out what they were. One stopped and said, "It looks like Mike got the job!" I just nodded. How do you explain this funky birthday tradition you know? Haha!

Some of my favorites that I can put on my blog (some I did have to pull out the night before. I still have to live here you know!)

Are you still lactating?

28 days until Halloween

Hello my name is Kerry and I'm a cleanaholic

U2 sucks. <-- That is SO untrue!

genre: non fiction - we love you!

I need adult time!

It's 8:08

Oops I mean 9:11

You KNOW how I feel about tank tops!

Come fly with me

Mmm smell the undo

Kim Possibly the biggest fan ever!

Have you seen my Shego costume?

Can I borrow one more sweater?

Target lover

Clinton/Obama 2008 (WTH!?!?) ;)

Love me, love my dogs

Birthdays are no calorie days

My ipod kicks your ipod's ass

There were more. A lot more. Haha! Thank you to everybody involved whether you were here or in spirit. :) Mwah!

Monday, October 01, 2007

alas, no update.

No penny yet. (I'm sure everybody has been DYING to know!) But I do have to say that I like the doctor's answer today better than the info online about what to do. If he hasn't had a bad tummy ache over the weekend then I shouldn't worry about it. It will take care of itself. If he gets a tummy ache, that is what to watch out for.

Whew. Because THAT was not fun.

I love October. Probably because

a) U2 has an album called October
b) it's cooler
c) lots of birthdays in our family
d) halloween (duh!)

and finally.... the halfway point. I have been assured that this will go by fast now. Please please please.

One exciting thing happened today. Old Navy has the cutest Halloween tshirts. Now everybody in the family has a Halloween tshirt, including the dog who has a orange and black collar that says "tricks for treats" on it. Who knew? I also saw Christmas collars. Do I really need to change collars depending on the season? Sure, those brown eyes deserve the best in doggie accessories.

I'm reeeeally reaching for blogging material right about now.