Monday, July 30, 2007


I'm trying hard to get back into the groove. Here are a couple that I did over the past couple of days. The first one - scanned horrible. Everything is straight in real life. - and yeah, I'm probably one of a handful of people that hadn't done a "she" layout since they were popular a couple of years ago. Sometimes you just run out of things to say, you know? Just enough journaling anyway.
Journaling says:

is almost 9 years old,
has traded princesses for pop stars,
loves cute shoes and clothing,
is smart and kind,
is growing way too fast,
still and always my little girl,

I must have been in a brown mood. LOL, because seeing both of them together now, you can tell my new favorite cardstock! Doodlebug brown Bazzill.

Thanks to Michelle for letting me borrow her QK for the title on the second one. I think I saw the design in CK, but it's been so long I can't remember. It's one of those that just stuck in my head. Plus I never would have thought such a random photo would become one of my favorite pages. Here is the journaling:

THREE kids. SIX feet. THIRTY toes.

I can't resist kid feet. Or the opportunity to take a picture of them. I look at these feet and think about how little they all used to be. With each one of these feet I would sit during quiet times with them as babies and run my fingers across the toes. Or I would rub the bottoms of them with my thumb to soothe somebody when they were crying.

They became characters in stories. Our piggies didn't go to market, nooo! They went to Target and ate stuff like applesauce. Whatever would make each child giggle the most. They were also the best places to tickle!

Megan's feet were always covered with the newest of girly footwear. Trevor's were always without socks. (He always kicked those things off!) and Matthew's were play things which once discovered ended up constantly in his hands.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Beth will appreciate this post. What do you do when you are down by the airport and have time to kill? Go to Air Lane.

Beth and I were talking about this on the way to California. About how Mike and Sean (unknown to each other) would like to go to the airport around 4:00 in the afternoon to watch British Airways land at Sky Harbor. Admittingly, it is really cool!

We talked more about this, and how we both would be down there feeding our babies in the car while we watched the planes land. Apparently we've both been doing this for years. I wonder how many times we were probably next to each other in that parking lot not knowing each other! Haha!

So since the weather was perfect, and had cooled down quite a bit, we decided to go watch the planes. I think this is the big city's version of cow tipping.

Friday, July 27, 2007


I had to dust off my scrap space. That is how long it has been since I've worked on anything. Pretty pathetic! This layout serves as getting my toes wet before I get to jump back in to scrapping when the kids get back to school! Woohoo! Summer hasn't been kind to scrapping, that's for sure. We've just been keeping busy, and I haven't been staying up as late.

The photo isn't very clear. Sorry about that. I have officially given up on my scanner. - And WHY does everything look all crooked and wonky????

I think I should get some sort of award for "weirdest place to find a scrap supply." That little transparent tag that says something about "It's ok to want one thing in life to be all about you." came from the bra I bought a few weeks ago. I just had to trim off the part that said that it was 'comfortable and supportive!'

Here is the journaling:

Some people covet expensive cars or fast cars. Me, I want something more practical. - and cute. While I appreciate those other kinds of cars, if I could have anything it would be a Volkswagen. I remember one day when I was little and lived in California. My mom took me to a grocery store with her and I got to pick out a toy. I found a cheap plastic VW Bug. It was orange with yellow bumpers. I loved it. I have had it for years.

Volkswagens have always been a favorite. I've always loved them and stared at them on the street. Mike surprised me with a Passat right before I had Megan. I LOVED this car. I honestly cried when I had to leave it at a car dealer when we needed to trade it in for something bigger since our family was growing into a family of 5. We just needed more space, and sadly my back needed the sliding doors of a van. I felt like I left a part of me at the car dealer. Part of my identity!

VW's are still part of our family's life. Mike has gone between VW's and Audi's for years, and we play Slug Bug (we call it punch buggy) but we have a certain point system for different Volkswagens. My kids laugh at me when I stop in a parking lot or squeal when I see one go down a street. New or old.

I have promised myself someday that when the kids are older and driving their own cars (which WILL be Volkswagens!) I will finally be able to get my own again. How can these not just make your soul happy?!?!

It's still early. Maybe one more page tonight. :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

one little monkey jumping on the bed

One of these days Matthew is going to figure out how it is I know that he is upstairs playing and jumping off of our bed.

(My room with the computer is right underneath, and I can hear loud THUDS when he jumps from the bed on to the floor.)

This also is how I can tell them to get back into bed when I hear them messing around after I have tucked them in at night. The family room is under the two boy's bedrooms. Poor guys, can't get away with anything! I always have to yell, "Boys get back in bed!" and I can hear running footsteps as they jump back into their own beds.

So this morning I sneak up and catch Matthew. He probably thinks I'm the smartest person in the world and he can't get away with anything! Hahaha! Maybe this will keep him wondering as he gets older too.

I can't pass up a chance to take some pictures!

Especially the feet one. Of course once megan and trevor saw me going upstairs with the camera they had to see what I was up to.

Man, they have huge feet.

Today is a great day. Nothing planned at all, and it is overcast and drizzling. Perfect. We'll head out and do something, but I love not having any plans for a change.

Monday, July 23, 2007

more rain! Yay!

80% chance of rain this afternoon and early evening. Flash flood warnings for most of the state including Maricopa County.


Gosh, I love when we have a nice monsoon season!


I have a dog story. Which actually begins a few weeks earlier. Mike had gotten his windshield replaced on his car, and didn't realize it was the "Use us to replace your windshield and you'll recieve free Omaha steaks!" people. So after receiving the certificate in the mail on Saturday, he went down to the mall in Chandler to pick them up.

Sunday night the steaks are sitting on the counter ready to go outside on to the grill. We're all so hungry and can't wait. - We forget how big Piper has gotten, and you'd be amazed how far that dog can stretch. Long story short, she had gotten hold of one of the uncooked bacon wrapped fillets. At first we were just mad at her for that, but then realized that she had eaten the whole thing... metal skewer and all.

Oh crap.

A call to the vet, some induced vomiting that didn't produce said metal skewer. Crap. Crap. Crap. All of a sudden being mad that she ate a $15 hunk of meat turned into panic because the skewer could puncture her intestines. All night we kept thinking about how this had turned into a couple thousand dollar emergency surgery to get it taken out. Crap.

Thank goodness this morning I woke up to a spot on the carpet with the skewer AND half a rope toy that she had eaten also. I swear, dogs will eat ANYTHING.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Not much to say here. It is that time of summer where it is just long, and hot. We've been doing a lot of swimming. There is a great pool that we have been taking the kids to.

What a difference from last summer. Now that they can swim, it has really been fun. I still keep a watchful eye, but it doesn't feel as stressful as it used to be. Megan and Trevor both love going off the diving board, and Matthew has no fear of the water. He isn't ready for the diving board yet, but he loves to be thrown in the 6 foot deep part of the pool and push himself up back to the top again.

Just three more weeks until school starts! It is hard to believe.

It has been nice having Mike around as much as he has been. Since being officially employed by an airline, he's now waiting until he has to leave for training. So there has been some time where his only real responsibility is being here. The kids have totally loved having him home full time.

We've been doing a lot of things to keep us busy - shopping, going out to do things and storm chasing (what a storm last night!) Last night we went out for dinner and then to Gateway Airport and watched the storm come in. The lightning was intense, so we drove out that way. I haven't seen rain like that in a long time. It was so nice! And the temp was 73! Brr. ;)

Oh, and "naked man" which provided hours of laughing and entertainment.

We were in a new subdivision looking around, and this guy a couple of streets over had a 2 story house. Not sure what he was thinking, but I bet he was at Home Depot getting some blinds today. It was just one of those timing things. I looked across a few empty lots and saw him walk in front of a window. I'm sure he wasn't used to traffic being on the streets behind his house since they were still empty lots.

I told Mike, and then sure enough he walked in front of the window again. This time we all saw him, and Mike honked the car horn. The man looked and quickly shut off the light. It was hysterical. Little does this guy know that he made a story on my blog too. I giggle everytime wondering if he thinks we were there to check out our lot and we'll be his new neighbors. If that happened to me, I'd have to move. Sometimes you just have to be juvenile you know?

Friday night I also got to hang out with the girls at Maddy's house. What a fun night. Have I mentioned how much I love these guys? I think it is funny that was also the night Harry Potter came out, and I haven't heard from one of them since then. I bet they are still reading!

Friday, July 13, 2007

some mixed emotions.

We went and looked at a couple of possible schools for Matthew today. He's excited, and I am a little freaked out and a little bit elated that he'll be going to school. Full day. Apparently nobody does half day kindergarten anymore.

Because of his birthday, I thought I'd have this year for him to go to half day kindergarten at a charter school and then if needed, repeat kindergarten full day when he's old enough to go to the school that Megan and Trevor go to.

My house will be SO clean! My scrapping, my errands, everything will be by myself!!!! How weird! I feel like I'm about to cross over this bridge to "all kids in schooldom" like it is some sort of secret society that other moms know about but aren't allowed to talk to you about until you get there. Like I need to learn a secret handshake or something when I go to Target without a child during school hours.

It feels SO WEIRD I suppose because for so long now I have been the 'baby mom.' You know, when one gets old enough you have another. There was a baby in the house for so long and that was my job. Now we're done having babies, and knowing that there WILL be days without a tiny one here with me seems strange.

I know I'll still be needed at school in the classrooms, and for days when somebody gets sick, but it just feels so .... odd.

Now, I'm going to miss all of them when school starts. I do like having them here at home during the summer but today was the last straw of the bickering. Today was a knock down drag out over a Pokemon card. It wasn't pretty, and I know despite all of the things we have been doing to keep us busy that they are probably just ready for a change of scenery and school structure.

All I know is that first day of school this year, I'll be sad when all three are off for the day. I'll be thinking of them and hoping that they are all making new friends, seeing old ones and having a good day... and then I'll be off to the mall. For a little retail present to myself for making it this far. For sending my little ducks out into the world! ;)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

one of those random days.

A little random update about nothing, it seems. It is just hot hot hot and we've been out running errands in it. So I figured I would amuse myself with my blog while I enjoy this HUGE coke from Jack In The Box for a few minutes.

Speaking of - when did they get rid of the blue straws? The soda connoisseurs will know exactly what I'm talking about. I think the straws MAKE the drink. I'll have to send an email to Jack and find out what is going on with this.

Swimming lessons again today.

I was watching Trevor during his, and he did something that just made me laugh. All of the kids in his class were lined up along the pool and were waiting for the instructor to tell them to jump in. He usually calls them by name before they can get in. He started calling boys, and Trevor was trying so hard to tell him that it is "ladies first!" I noticed the instructor didn't hear Trevor, but when he finally called his name he backed up and said, "Ladies first, I'll go after them."

Aww. He's one slick little kid. He always tells cashiers, waitresses and moms how pretty they are. One time at the hair place he had a bunch of the girls who work there standing around him while he was getting his hair done. They just loved him. That's my boy. He's going to be a great man someday.

We also went to Target today. (surprise!) Funny how a quick trip in for kitty litter turned into finding 4 pair of shoes for M. She wears a women's size 7, so there are always a TON of shoes on clearance in her size. She's definitely going to be a shoe girl. I think she's finally set for school. At least I hope!

T and I plan on going out later and getting his school stuff done. His only request, "Can I get a pair of sketchers?"

No prob little man.

Matthew is going to a different school than the other two, and I'm not sure if he will need uniforms or not. He will be happy as long as one of the colors is blue. Everything for him needs to be blue. LOL! Wow, typing that I just realized how strange that will be when all 3 kids are in school! Except I'll be there too.... helping in classrooms.

Soda is done, and apparently so is my laundry. *Ding ding*

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

OK! I surrender!!

After trying to fight it the past several months, and surrendering because of severe exhaustion, I have decided that it is a worthless point to try to keep up with this house.

I'm waving the white flag.

I'm not going to let it go and live in filth, but I feel like if I spend one more hour cleaning up the kitchen I am going to scream.

I think all three of my kids are going through growth spurts right now. I'm not kidding. About an hour after eating a big meal, they are hunting for snacks or asking when the next meal is. I'm just going to get a sign that says: Kitchen is closed.

Or just go eat poptarts!! ;)

Not to mention the constant pile at the foot at the stairs of stuff that needs to be brought up the next time somebody goes up them. Why do they feel like they need to relocate their rooms downstairs everyday?

Even though I have honestly enjoyed having the kids home from school, I can say that I think we're all ready for a change in our days. It is just hot. Plain old hot.

Matthew is starting kindergarten this year too, and keeps telling me how excited he is about going to a new school. Megan and Trevor are both missing friends and anxious about going back too.

I think I'll try and reclaim my house then.

Swim lessons are going great. It is interesting how when the kids are learing something there is a moment where they just GET it. Trevor and Megan both had a day like that today. They were doing good, but today something made it to where they were both swimming like crazy. Like they've been doing it for years.

Matthew is doing well and I'm sure his day will be this week.

I'm actually thinking about putting Megan in the diving class during the next session. The boys have their lessons first, so Megan sits over by the dive pool and watches until her lesson starts. I have to say the kids in that class look like they are having so much fun. "Red shirt boy" as we call him is the most fun to watch. This kid does the coolest things off the board.

Stay cool.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

swim lessons - that are actually WORKING this time!

<--- This is Matthew before a swim lesson, wishing that the waterslide was going.

We started a two week session of swim lessons yesterday. So every morning for the next couple of weeks we'll be hanging out at the pool.

Great for the kids, but I almost want to sign myself up so I have an excuse to jump in too. Pools always look sooooo inviting!

So far so good. I think the biggest part of swimming lessons is overcoming that fear of water. (Ask my poor mom who had to take me to the Y, and I'd scream the entire time. Not to mention bloody fingertips because I had a death grip on the side of the pool. Sorry mom.)

All three are wanting to become good swimmers because they are totally enthralled with watching the diving class. It has been a long time since I've actually seen a real diving board, with huge springs and all. That was my favorite part of summer!!! (Eventually I did overcome that water fear and screaming and was on a swim team from 6 years old to 10. I remember hanging out at the pool and using the diving board a lot.)

Hopefully by the end of next week I'll have some pictures of my olympiad level swimmers. ;)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

high maintenance.

Well ignore the last entry, because today was the official mother/ daughter all out girly back to school clothes shopping day!!!
It's no secret that I love, and look forward to this day. :)
I liken myself to the lioness who has to go out and hunt for the family. I am on the prowl. Teaching the next generation the art of hunting for orange stickers, good deals and accessories.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! I'm usually not a big fan of the 4th ... I had a sparkler burn me when I was a baby so I'm sure I have some supressed memories left over from that. ;)

But... the 4th in Arizona is always hot, and fireworks don't start until after 9:00, which for the past several years with small children in the house has made it pretty uneventful as well, since kids are usually in bed.

The one nice thing is that the fireworks were usually set off from the high school near our house, which made it perfect for us to set up some chairs in the driveway and watch for the 20 minutes or so that they are going on. The school is right down the street from us, so we had a great view. Plus the bonus of refrigerated drinks and a bathroom near by. Sweet.

This year, they decided to move the fireworks show farther south in Gilbert. I'm not really a big enough fan of fireworks on the 4th to actually GO somewhere to watch them, but this year we have company. So we'll be out with the masses... in the AZ summer evening. (It should only be a little over 100 by the time the sun goes down, right???)

BUT I did get a chance to go out and start a little bit of back to school clothes shopping today. Some of the stores have some killer sales for the holiday, so M and I went to go check some things out. This isn't even our official mother and daughter all out girly clothes shopping trip yet. Which I am SO excited to get started on!

We found some cute shirts, shoes and even several adorable earrings. She is looking so grown up it scares me. You know you have reached some important milestone when accessories have become part of the school clothes shopping. Although I did have to remind her that a cell phone is not appropriate 4th grade attire. (where do they get these ideas anyway???) It's crazy!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

this summer's tv obsession

Do you ever get caught up in a show that apparently the rest of the world has been watching? Then you get so obsessed about it, you season pass it on the tivo? Heck, even though about 5 reruns a day record, I still watch them ALL.

That is the best part about when this happens. You catch up with several season's worth of shows, that they are all new to you. Four years ago, it was Trading Spaces, Then I caught up with a season of LOST, and then last summer it was Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel.

Today I'm talking about this summer's obsession for me. TLC's What Not To Wear.

I came about it in a round about way. My mother in law watches it. When I was needing some clothes for our last cruise, she helped me pick out some things. She kept making reference to this show.

OK, so I finally watched it. Oh my gosh, I love it. I love watching other people shop! Maybe because there was a little part of me who used to love shopping like that! Then I went through a period of dirt poor-ness, and then I started having kids. Clothing took a back seat. Even farther. Think school bus. That many seats back.

Dressing up for me is a pair of jeans and my favorite brown Life Is Good tshirt.

So I do enjoy watching other people shopping, and spending $5000 on new clothes. I have to say though that I don't understand people who have a hard time buying bags. No matter what the financial situation I was in, or how many children... I love purses. It is genetic. You should see my sister and my mom. Plus they are one size fits all.

The sad thing is, about EVERY episode has some sort of fashion no no that screams me.

-Grabbing tshirts from the husband's side of the closet.

-Having only ONE bra (yeah, yeah I know.) which even that is screaming to be retired since there isn't any stretchyness to it anymore.

-mom jeans

- I have shoes, but I always go right for the ugliest pair of speedo flip flops that I own. They sit by the garage door, and out we go. That is living in Arizona. Flip flops year round.

-and probably the worst is that I haven't come to terms with the fact that my body is a lot different since hitting the 30s and having three children. Ugh. I have to say that I bounced back to my size 10 self quickly after having Megan and Trevor, but I swear that Matthew left something behind since that is when things started getting WEIRD.

The sad thing is, Megan watches this with me. When we were out the other day she told me that I needed a shirt with an empire waist. Because "You have to accentuate the thinnest part of your body - under the ribcage."

What?!?!? Great, now I'm getting fashion advice from my 8 year old.

I think I'm just a fashion lost cause. ;)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Yeah, the picture has NOTHING to do with today's post, but I saw it in a random folder on the computer. This is one of my favorite pictures from YEARS ago at Young's Farm in Prescott. (which is now closed forever.) :(

I like it because Matthew looks like, "I'm gonna eat ya!"
I know, it is weird sense of humor. - and I can't believe how LITTLE he looks compared to now!
It reminds me, I suppose, that Matthew will be starting kindegarten when school starts. He's not officially old enough to go to the same school as Megan and Trevor yet. He is one of those fall babies that misses the cut off, but he is ready for something, so he'll do half day kindergarten a couple days a week at another place. Then I'll start him at the same school as his brother and sister the following year.
I was out earlier today too, doing some errands. I passed by Megan's favorite store... Justice. Which is also next to an Old Navy. I can't wait to go clothes shopping with her for new back to school clothes. It is our mommy/daughter tradition that I absolutely love.
Which also turns into a trip to the mall for the Gap and Limited Too. Girls are so fun.
Trevor though, I asked him the other day what kind of things he wanted for school.
"Do you like sports shirts with numbers on them?"
"Do you like shirts with surfers on them?"
I was just trying to get some ideas. He just answers with a shrug and says, "I like whatever you buy me. I like plain old tshirts."
So like the past two years we will go to Old Navy, and he'll more than likely pick out a dozen solid color tshirts. Boys are SO easy at this age.