Thursday, May 29, 2008

just one more.... before they yank the plug from the wall and throw the computer in the truck.

Cause we gotta great big convoy,
rockin' through the night

Yeah we gotta great big convoy,
ain't she a beautiful sight?

Come on an' join our convoy,
ain't nothin' gonna git in our way
We're gonna roll this truckin' convoy,
cross the USA Convoy...

Guess who has way too much stuff?? I think the guy at Penske underestimated the size truck we needed. Ha, and this was even after a garage sale. Mike is back down there now getting another truck. Yes, another truck. Wheeee!

Sooo.... guess who is going to be driving one of them? Yep, look out interstate drivers, because K dawg and flyboy have ourselves a convoy.

Am I going to be able to park this thing? Can I get it through the drive through? Didn't Paris Hilton have to drive a truck in an episode of The Simple Life? That gives me hope... not much.... but some. ;)

Wish me luck, and breaker 1 - 9, keep an eye out for the bacon.

Movin' to the country, I'm gonna eat a lot of peaches....

Ok, so I'm not moving to the country...

and I'm not the biggest fan of peaches....

but I love that song and it seemed somewhat appropriate. (Yeah I know, it's a stretch.)

Today is the day!

And looking around, there still seems to be a lot to do. I can't wait to get started at this point just because if I have to pack one more box I might scream and I'm also looking forward to being able to just SIT while I drive.

Of course there are so many mixed emotions about today. I'm excited and ready to get going. We've been getting ready for this for what seems like forever. But of course the reality is that this isn't a vacation and I won't be returning to Phoenix as 'home' anymore. Wow.

I'm looking forward to new things in Kentucky, but I'm kind of a rut girl. I like my routines, but I also like new adventures. Ugh, see? I'm excited about learning a new lifestyle with GRASS in the yard to play in, RAIN, learning a new city, finding new places..... (Steak and Shake, yum.)

Last night I took a break from anything move related. Michelle picked me up and we had dinner and desert at the Cheesecake Factory. (Which not only is there one in Kentucky, BUT one in Cincinnati - right across the bridge. So there!!) Where do you all think I'm moving to anyway? There are even paved roads and grocery stores! ;)

Last night was so much fun. I can't even describe it. This is such an awesome group of girls, and I love them all so much. (I refuse to get mushy here right now.) I was showered with the best presents. A straw bag full of road munchies and games (and the coolest brush, that you know if I didn't have to have my hands on the wheel I'd be playing with for 2000 miles. I bet the kids will be fighting over that!) and thankfully... a small box of Tylenol. Haha!

Also, they must know how much I have missed scrapping lately. They put together by far the coolest little kit (I'm still in total awe of the file folder itself! I love organization things!!) with a little album, transparencies, paper, and everything I need to make a little album of our trip. I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to start using this stuff!!! And the baby trimmer... that will be perfect.

Also, the coolest little punch. We had fun putting scalloped edges on just about any piece of paper we could find at the table. I'm looking forward to using that too!!

There is still a ton of things to do here, so I better go visit Eduardo one more time and then get busy. I will be blogging from the road.

Love you all!


I'm NOT going to say that I'm going to miss ANYBODY here in the usual kind of miss them way, because I'm going to pretend that I'm still here and emailing people like nothing ever changed.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Talk about perfect timing.

Yesterday we had a cool surprise when we went to pick up mike from the airport. I was going around the corner to go sit in the cell phone lot when there was the unmistakable tail of a 747 sticking up from behind the building at the executive terminal. I couldn't see what color it was or anything but got all excited to point out the huge plane to the kids.


Beth will understand, she's the only other nerd I know who purposely drove down to Sky Harbor when British Airways would land. You don't have to be an airplane enthusiast to think a 747 is cool.

I had no idea the president was in Phoenix yesterday. So we find a spot up front by the board to watch the flight numbers, and people are getting out of their cars and lining up against the fence. The fence is just across a small street from the executive terminal. We went out to see what was going on. Our timing was incredible. About ten minutes later, a motorcade is coming down the street, and sure enough, there was the president waving at the few people who were against the fence. There were probably only 50 of us. The kids thought it was beyond cool to wave at the prez and have him wave back. I'm just in awe of Air Force One, so I was ecstatic!

I watched them pull the ladder back from the plane and it started to roll. I kind of forgot that Air Force One probably doesn't have to wait in line to taxi. haha. I was expecting a few minutes before being able to see it take off, but whoosh... what seemed like less than a minute later the plane was taking off. It is SO. COOL.

So we had quite a little treat yesterday. I had my camera in the car and got a few pictures, including the limousine where you can see a hand waving. I'm so bummed that my other computer is packed right now. I promise many many photos to be posted as soon as I get the chance.

One more day until the big move. The truck is here and takes up our whole yard. Dang, we have a lot of stuff. Anxiety level is still high.

Monday, May 26, 2008

counting down.... 4 more days.

Today I am feeling sick. Not like pukey, have the flu sick.... but my anxiety level is through the roof.

I've always felt like my heartrate was like a hummingbird. I'm pretty high strung when it comes to worrying about things. It doesn't even have to be worry, like something is bad worry, but just changes... you know.... change is good, but it also brings along its own little brand of anxiety.

I think it's excitement. I am excited, and this week is down to the wire about moving. In fact, it looks like we'll be pulling out on Thursday night. CRAZY.

I feel like I've been on a hamster wheel for months now. Since the decision was made, and then getting things ready for a garage sale, then packing, and getting loose ends tied up everywhere. It has been a constant routine of packing, working, staying up far too late packing, crashing and then getting up early to do it again the next day. I've even forgotten what day it is for the most part.

So... last night my inlaws took the kids overnight after dinner. I had some time to myself, which was nice and I finally did force myself to relax a bit. - and one more trip to Target. I forgot that last night was Sunday and everything was closed early, so that was the only place to go. Then this morning, it was far too quiet with the kids gone. I decided I was going to go out and find something for brunch since I got to sleep in. :)

I ended up going on a little nostalgia tour. I even had my camera in my car. I took pictures of so many things. It's funny, there is so much of my history here. Every time I pass a place, or go into a place that has always been part of my routine I can't help but wonder if it's the last time I'll be there. Like my favorite Target. I'm going to miss the low talking cashier - the one who I could never understand but she was always smiling and knew me pretty well. I know she's going on a vacation with her husband this summer. She was always telling me about that.

I'm going to miss Eduardo... my favorite of the twins who work the drive thru at McDonalds. He's always so nice to me.

Of course I'm going to miss my family, and my friends. I know I'm not going to be gone forever. But for some reason it is feeling very weird to me today. Maybe it's the curse of being a scrapper. You start to overthink every memory you have because you just want to remember it ALL.

It's time to go though. My house is packed, and looks nothing like a home anymore. We are living with paper plates, one bowl and paper cups.

Oh and real quick - a hamster update.

The loose one is living in the laundry room right now. I have seen her, but it is impossible to catch her. Of course she had to find a small room with a washing machine, dryer and refrigerator to hide out in. If I pull one appliance out, she runs under another. I even tried to use a thin pole to scoot her out, but in order to do that, I have to open the laundry room door. So I'm pretty much waiting until Mike gets home and we start pulling stuff out of there anyway. Until then, she's eating and has water and probably thinks she lives in the biggest hamster cage ever. There is nothing like a battle of wits with a hamster. :p

Thursday, May 22, 2008

CSI: Gilbert

Today is bizarre.

First thing, after having a record heat day earlier in the week my kids started out for school freezing today. Before they got in the car they all went up to get jackets. Now it is raining and cold. You wouldn't know today was the first day of summer vacation. But hey, I'm not complaining about the weather AT ALL. I am loving this!

So we went to McDonald's to get breakfast since it was the last day of school. There was a cute little mini pinscher near a dumpster in the back, which is next to a big field. After trying to get the little thing, we had to give up. We were scaring it more than anything else. There is a vet building on the corner with kennels, and I'm hoping that this wasn't an escapee from there. I told them about it, so hopefully their dog chasing skills are better than mine.

Then I come home from an errand and notice that the hamster cage was on the floor. Bedding scattered everywhere, and no hammies to be found.

We have a crime scene here people.

I also notice the cat is acting suspicious and is sitting in the middle of the family room. I picked her up to put her out in our atrium. She knew she was busted because she clawed and bit the crap out of me. I may look like I lost and have a little pee smell, but she's outside so I WON. damn cat.

I looked around for awhile but hadn't found anything. No blood, except for my own wounds from the cat.... no hammie parts, no scene of the murder as far as I can tell.

I even looked up in the kid's rooms where the cat hides her polly pocket pieces that she hunts in the middle of the night. No body there.

Finally I get frustrated enough to pull out the entire tv and look under the entertainment center with my little flashlight. There is ONE hammie! Poor little thing. Now she's in her cage and running on the wheel.

We're still missing one though, and I have still been looking everywhere with my flashlight. Still, in this entire house and all of the cats favorite places I haven't found any signs of hammie demise.

Did they get out and run in different directions? Making it impossible for the cat to catch both of them? Did the cat eat one in one bite making it to where there wouldn't be any evidence? Wouldn't there be blood or fur or something? Is there one hammie still hiding somewhere in the house? Hmm....

One thing I know for sure... my labrador is NO help. She did find the tennis ball under the couch when I lifted it up to see if there was a hole in the bottom of the couch that the hamster could have crawled into. Thanks for the help there Piper.

So wish me luck in finding the missing hammie. If you were a hammie, where would you hide? I plan on letting the suspect back in later and watching her to see if she'll do the hunting for me and narrow the search down to one area at least. Damn cat.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

what day is it? Because I really can't remember at this point!

Sorry Matt, but it's time to bump you down a post. ;)

Update: Still packing. My mom has come over twice and helped me. She is amazing. She can pack a box like a game of Tetris. Thank you mom!!

I was totally worn out one night and decided I'd check out that little tab on the top of blogger that said "new template." I have been bored with my old blog and thought I'd give it a try. Never make decisions at midnight when you are mentally worn out. I hate this new look and that it took off all of my links. So when the technical man gets home I'll have to see if he can clean up my little mess I made here, and make my blog look normal again.


One more day of school for all three of my kids. Tomorrow is a half day and I'm sure won't be productive at all. Actually this whole week has been nothing but parties, field trips and awards for them so this hasn't been a productive week at all really.

It hit me kind of hard in many ways this morning. First dropping off Matthew at his school. He announces as he's bouncing out of the car and dragging his backpack behind him that "This is my last week in kindergarten!!" Wait... is he for real? Yeah.... he's right. He will be in first grade next year. Oh my gosh.

Kindergarten is an amazing year when you think about it. Kindergarten teachers are amazing. You send this child in the first day of school, shy and not knowing what to expect. Most not even knowing how to spell their name much less write it. Then at the end of the year, here is Matthew, writing his own name, writing short sentences, doing basic math and even reading! What a change. It is so cool.

Trevor had a great year. He didn't get his math skills from me that is for sure, but the kid kicks butt in playing around the world. His teacher even said it is almost unfair to the other students because he's so good at it. He has one nemesis from another class... who he has gone toe to toe with several times and the teacher told me it has taken up to 15 math questions for them to finally have a winner. Go Trevor!

Megan. It has been an up and down year for her but thankfully it is ending on such a high note for her. The girl is growing up. She has had a crush on "password boy" for most of the year. His name was her password for Webkinz for a long time. This morning she asked if she could take a towel to sit on because they are walking to a park for a field trip today. I didn't have a towel that I wanted to chance losing, so I asked her if a sheet would be fine. She said, "Oh yeah! That would be perfect because then I can ask Colter if he wants to sit next to me!" No boy crazy stuff yet. Please. Just slow down. You aren't even TEN yet. Talk to your father.

That is about it for now. There will be a lot of changes for everyone in our family in the next few weeks. I'm looking forward to having the kids out of school (and sleeping in past 6:00!) and then heading east.

Friday, May 16, 2008

where I have been...

When you thought I was packing..... ;)
Sorry, I couldn't resist. There is absolutely nothing new going on here. Just more boxes, and errands, and boxes, and picking up kids, and boxes.....not enough time in one day and living off of a constant drip of caffeine.
Lisa and I try to outdo each other on the Sarah Silverman/Matt Damon thing, and you never know when we'll throw in THAT line. So since I have nothing to blog about, I thought I'd take this time and this little blog space to post this for her.
Beat that!

There is life beyond the sea of cardboard boxes!

Still packing...

and packing...

I can't believe that the kids have less than a week of school left. I know I say this every year, but again it is true. This year flew by.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

some random stuff on this not so expletive Tuesday

I'm trying not to be a bad blogger. I have written a few posts, but blogger is not my friend and they always seemed to be doing maintenance at the time. So I have a few saved in drafts. Oh well.

So far so good on this expletive Tuesday. The weather is incredible. Yesterday was HOT. But today it is breezy, overcast and even....slightly cool! You can't help but be happy today.

So for the past several weeks we have had a caterpillar sitting on our counter top in a little bug cage. (I have to learn to say NO to some of these little animals coming home huh?) I'll admit the little caterpillar was cute. Not so cute once it crawled to the top and turned into the chrysalis. Don't dare call it a cocoon, because MOTHS live in a cocoon and butterflies live in a chrysalis. A little bit of knowledge brought to you by Trevor who just went through the caterpillar/butterfly science project in second grade. Becuase he will correct you if you get it wrong.

I went to check on my adorable little frogs who sit on the counter near the bug box. Aww, they are so cute and swimming around like, "Please feed us Kerry. We love you! We are so cute with our big webbed feet!"

Then... OH MY GOSH. You all know how I feel about butterflies. - and if you don't... they are pure evil creepy little things. They eat people when you aren't looking. Trust me.

ACK. The dang chrysalis has turned into a full fledged butterfly, staring at me with it's beady little eyes and fluttering its creepy wings. I about had a heart attack, and quite honestly I'm feeling more than a little creeped out knowing that it is sitting behind me about 4 feet away while I'm on the computer at the kitchen table. So gross. There are no words.

The kids will be releasing that mofo as soon as they get home from school today while I watch from the security of the upstairs window. In fact, we may just have to drive it back to school whence it came just so I know that it won't eat me when I take out the garbage later. This block isn't big enough for the both of us.

Ok, and one last totally random PSA for the day:

If you are going to put a political bumper sticker on your car (or any sticker for that matter) please put it on straight. It sends my OCD into overdrive when I get stuck behind you in traffic. The political ones especially because long after the election we'll be staring at that same now faded, crooked sticker and thinking, "Oh yeah, I forgot that person was running for president way back then."

Thank you!

Now back to my lunch break from packing. :)

Monday, May 05, 2008

Kentucky bound

I wish I could say this was mine, but I do get to see plenty of it from now on.

I have told some people, but haven't 'officially' broken the news yet. We are going to be moving to Kentucky in one more month. Mike and I have talked about it off and on for quite some time, but due to a lot of circumstances we have finally decided that this move will be the best thing for our family right now. We are planning on heading out the first part of June.

It hasn't been a secret that the commuting with Mike's job has been difficult on all of us. Since his domicile airport is Cincinnati (which is actually IN Kentucky across the river from the city of Cincinnati) he will be able to spend much more time at home. When he is on reserve, he'll be home. When he has been on a trip, he'll be home at the end of the day. This is mucho relief. I wish he could count the hours spent in an airplane flying back and forth to AZ and back as flight hours because I'm sure he's logged a lot just in coming home.

So that's the story. I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about this. I mean, I am a self proclaimed rut kind of girl, and the thought of moving across the country means A LOT of work. I mean I've been in this current house for 4 years now and I finally feel like everything has a home and unpacked! Here we go again!

But, I'm a horse girl. So I will really enjoy that aspect of it. Rolling green hills with white fences, big red barns....

Weather.... I know, ask me again after the first real winter but right now I am so excited at the prospect of seeing FOUR real seasons. We don't get much of a spring or fall in Arizona, there are more like three levels of summer. Warm - bearable hot - and hotter than hell I want to jab a fork between my eyes and end it all HOT. - and a nice mild winter in between.

I know we are going to be such geeks when it comes to seeing our first snow. I have these romantic ideas of snow days with hot chocolate, making snowmen, and white Christmases. Realistically I know that this desert dweller is going to freeze her rear end off, that ice storms suck, shoveling snow sucks, brown/black dirty snow and wet feet suck, plus I have no idea where you keep an ice scraper. Mike called me one day from the airport parking lot during an ice storm and said that the car door was frozen shut. So if you keep the ice scraper IN the car, how do you get to it if your door is frozen shut? Do you keep one on your keychain? What does an ice scraper even look like?!?! This will all be new to me for sure.

No matter what, I really am looking forward to the adventure. I have lived here since I was small, so there are a lot of things I'm looking forward to that will be different. That area of the country has so much to offer, and I plan on taking advantage of free flight benefits to visit Washington D.C. to see the cherry blossoms, go to American Girl in Chicago with Megan, go to New York, and a million other places. I love history, and so much of what I've read about I can go see.

So this is where I have been and why I've probably seemed so quiet. This has been a stressful decision. I'm going to miss so much out here though. Of course my family and my friends. I'll be back though. I don't think they have real mexican food out there. I went to In & Out on the way to taking Mike to the airport today and realized that may be the last time for quite awhile I'll be there! Wow, that freaked me out a bit. I'm so spoiled! California won't always be one state away to just go over on a long weekend. Lots of things.

The kids are really excited! They are all young enough that they aren't worried about meeting new people there. Megan is just as excited as I am about the horsie-ness of it all. I mean, there are horses on the license plates!! And they are all excited about Mike being home more again. We'll be moving at a perfect time too. Right when they get out of school here. Then we'll have a big family road trip, which we are all excited about.

I'll keep in touch. There is always email and blogs. I promise! But there you have it. It feels like such a load off of my shoulders knowing that we've made the decision and things are starting to roll. :) Now... who's good at packing? ;)

Sunday, May 04, 2008


I don't know why, but for some reason when I would see my blog up and that photo with the side mirror of the car I'd get a small anxiety attack. To the point where the picture actually ticked me off. Maybe because it looks hot, and knowing summer is on the way. Who knows, but it irritated me enough that I couldn't stand it anymore. So time to post something else. Please tell me somebody else gets this way once in awhile. Or maybe constantly seeing it was also a reminder of how I feel so incredibly behind on EVERYTHING right now. Details later. I seriously have a lot of catching up to do on so many levels.
SO... onto a photo that makes me happy. Saturday was another all day horse camp at the stable where Megan used to take riding lessons. She did this last year and had a blast. Due to circumstances, we stopped lessons for awhile, but when the instructor called last week and said she was doing another clinic, I knew Megan needed to go. Like last year, she had a great time. (I secretly wish I could have stayed all day too. I loved being around the horses again. Just touching them is good therapy.)
The poor girl did end up a little overheated yesterday, and very red from so much sun.

Then on the way home we stopped at a new Danny's Family Car Wash at the Tempe Marketplace. They were doing free carwashes for their grand opening. It wasn't busy when we went, and the timing was great since my car had a new layer of horse dust all over it. While we were waiting, I got this picture of Matthew:

Kind of Tara-esq don't you think? Haha. I can only wish. Truth is, he stood still for less than a second when I got that picture. Then when he saw the camera pointed towards him he went right into 'boy' mode. Dork.

But I do think if given the chance to actually compose a photo, it could have turned out pretty cool. I think now I'll be looking for painted stucco walls for backdrops. Only I'll bring a more willing subject. ;)

More soon.