Monday, August 30, 2010

I could get used to this.

(There is a white strip of paper up along the top of this layout, above the scallop. Not sure where my shadow went for posting this on my blog. Hmmm.)
Anyway.... first day of kids in school, Mike at work, and no company here. It is so quiet and strange. I got the finger wave from Mike before he left today to remind me not to do things I'm not supposed to do. No lifting, laundry, driving etc. So here I am finishing up a page I had started a few months ago. Plus I hope to write out some thank you notes and send some emails today. Big day planned! I may sneak and wipe off the counter....shhhh.....
I am feeling better, but still sore. Obviously not as bad as (almost) a couple of weeks ago, but I can certainly feel my muscles in my stomach more than before. I'm sure they are thinking, "What the heck?"
My long list of daily medication is finally down too. I am grateful for that.
That's about it from here today! Love to all.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

another one....

This kid. This kid is TEN.
Poor guy.... his birthday fell on my date for surgery this year. We ended up having several "mini celebrations" so I'm sure he still ended up pretty happy.
Weird, I still remember doing Megan's ten year layout and it seems like it wasn't that long ago!
K out!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

healing....and some scrapbooking.

Still trying to heal from surgery. I can't believe it has been a week since the actual date....I'm still not at a week since being released from the hospital. Geeze, I almost can't even remember when that was since the week has been a blur. Mostly because of sleeping.

I am tired of the drugs! I feel like I am losing my mind and not 'all here.' I don't like that feeling at all. The dreams I am having because of pain medication wear me out by the next morning. For example last night I spent all night walking around a hot parking lot in Phoenix, looking for my old Mustang that I apparently drove and forgot where I parked. Only I was dizzy and for some reason didn't have any shoes and had to hop from car shadow to car shadow to not burn my feet. So I walked, and walked. I would try to call Mike on my cell phone, only to not remember the phone number. Just stupid dreams like that. Anesthesia and pain medication do a number on me. I wake up tired. Luckily, I can sleep during the day too right now!

My mom came out last week, scheduled to be here on Monday.... the day before I was admitted to the hospital. Unfortunately, the doctor had a different plan. Monday morning as I was enjoying knowing that was a day of peace and quiet and maybe some scrapping (I'm using any resting time to try and catch up a little.) I got a phone call that they wanted me to go to the hospital for some blood work. Before I got back into the house after the draw, I was called back and told to go immediately to the hospital to be admitted. My hemoglobin was critically low again. Yay.
So much for some scrapping rest and being here when my mom got into town. Mike got me to the hospital and checked in. My own room this time, thank goodness. My mom made it to Kentucky that night and her and Mike came by the hospital to see me. :)
Tuesday was spent having another long day of having another transfusion and a lot of tests done. Mostly making sure that my levels were up enough to be able to go into surgery. They went up... but apparently not enough since they were actually postponing my surgery until they knew they had back up units of blood for me. Long story short.... because most of you already know the story anyway..... surgery went well. A few days in the hospital and then I got to go home. Where I basically slept. And slept.... and slept.
My mom was a huge help with getting the kids to school, picking them up, helping around the house and everything (thanks mom!) and then my sister came when she left. I felt bad that most of the week with my mom I had spent away in the hospital or sleeping. My sister got here and helped out a lot this week too. I was having a hard time letting other people do the things I am used to doing. Vacuuming, cleaning up after dinner, laundry etc. I am grateful for the help though!! (Thank you too Kim!)
So basically the cliff notes version of this whole thing from over a month ago until now is that I had a very angry uterus that was trying to make me bleed to death. Along with a lesson in taking hints from myself instead of thinking that I am just tired. The thing is, I felt tired but not like it was much more than just being totally stressed out because of things going on in our lives right now. I couldn't hear the whisper, but listened when I started to hear the yelling that I needed to go. Take care of yourself. Big lesson. Besides the usual eat healthy fruits and vegetables and get exercise. And eat a lot of iron! LOL, because the goth look is not a pretty one when you are losing blood.
Off to lay down for awhile. Love to all! Thank you so much for the thoughts and prayers!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to school!

This is what happens when you don't blog for a bit....there end up being too many little updates and things that you don't want to forget. Your little "update" turns into a monster.

So really - everybody who reads my blog knows about my little hospital stay last week so I can pass telling about that. I'm feeling 100% better....and go back for some more tests this week. The end result should be surgery to put the whole thing to rest. Soon. More on that when I know more.

Summer vacation. Wow. Even I was surprised at how fast that went this year. Especially considering we didn't feel as busy as we did last summer. I mean, we did things... but maybe it was because of me working this summer that it seemed different. I was home....yet not always home like in the past. The kids did great. They made it possible for me to be able to go to work and not always have to worry about them.

We had Breyerfest, King's Island, swimming, lazy days of hanging out in underwear and playing video games (Trevor, lol.) all day on the computer updating facebook status (Megan) and then not seeing one from the time the sun came up until the sun went down because he was playing with friends all day. (Matthew)

As of today....


Last week we went to middle school open house where we picked up Megan and Trevor's schedules and locker numbers. Trevor had stressed about that locker situation all summer long. We got his schedule and went to find his locker. He has a great location at the end of a hallway so he's smack in the middle. There is no way he can NOT find it. He practiced his combination several times and it was easy. One less thing for him to worry about.

I can't believe he is in middle school today. He had that look of fear as we were driving to the school, but I know right now as I'm typing this he already has a couple of hours behind him. I'm sure some of the worries have already been figured out and I kept reminding him that every 5th grader I've talked to going through the register line at Kohl's the past month is feeling the exact same way he is. Excited, feeling grown up and scared as heck.

I think that his day will go by quickly since this is his first time changing classes.

Mike drove, and I was able to get a quick photo as Megan and Trevor were walking into the school. I popped the camera up super quick over the door of the car to avoid any 'momarrazzi' embarrassment. BUT I am so glad to have this photo. Megan promised that she'd show Trevor the ropes of his new school. I'm glad he didn't have to face it alone.

Megan seemed very calm today. I think she was more upset that she had to get up early. It helps that she's not new or starting mid year. She already knows people and knows her way around. I hope she has a lot of friends that she likes in her classes, and gets to meet some new ones that have moved in during the summer. She looks SO big. 7th grade....I totally remember 7th grade.

Matthew. He was wanting us to drive him to his school in the morning like I did last year. Which I really did enjoy, but his school is quite a distance from the house. It's about a 45 minute round trip. When we got back from taking Megan and Trevor to school, two of Matthew's best friends were already out on the street waiting for the bus. He decided to ride the bus with them. I think he'll be a regular bus rider after today seeing how happy they all looked sticking peace sign fingers out the window on their way out of the street.

It's a little odd to know that he's the only one in elementary school now. The big 3rd grade.

(He's such a skinny, tall and gangly looking thing right now! He had to have grown four inches over the summer.)