Monday, January 16, 2006

I spent some time up in Prescott this weekend with some friends. It was a little get together at Lisa's house. Can I just say how jealous I am of her gorgeous house? It has totally inspired me to get my rear end in gear and start painting the inside of our home. I used to enjoy painting, but now with three kids thinking that they need to help me, I have to be more sneaky about when I can do it. A good start would be for me to crack open the paint can that we have been using as a door stop to the garage. Mike went to Lowe's a few weekends ago to get some mixed for me. I was sure I was going to start my project that weekend. Nah...but it does make for an awesome door stop!

I'm always so excited when good things are happening for people. I love seeing that Lisa is so happy up there. (although the miles between us make me sad.) The girls that I were with are all so awesome. I met them through 2Peas and it is amazing how scrapbooking brought us all together. But in the few years that I have known them, so many things have changed for all of us. Divorces, births of babies, moving to new homes and everything. Good things are happening for all of us right now. I like that. :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My sweet friend Lisa. She gave me this awesome year planner thing for Christmas. It is from Simple Scrapbooks, and every week it has these three little things down at the bottom that give you ideas for something do that week. Like:

one is always photography related like:

- take a photo of a hobby or other activity you do to refresh yourself
- take a picture of your kids as you tuck them into bed

then just cool little things like:

- hug someone when they aren't expecting it
- call a friend to come over for lunch
- go to a bookstore and read for 15 minutes
- put your feet up for 10 minutes

Cute little goals that I think I can actually keep up with. I love this little book. Lisa knows me pretty well. This is totally me.

Now I need to work on my blog goals. Mike posted my picture up there for me. I need to learn how to post photos. I'll have to post one tomorrow! Yippee!


Monday, January 09, 2006

One thing I wanted to try out this year was starting a blog. I journal all the time, but then I end up having lost papers everywhere in my office. So here I go!

Happy New Year!

Well, 2005 didn't exactly go out with a bang, but rather it went out with a bummed sigh of, "Awww." Last night was the first night that Megan and Trevor stayed up to wait for the new year. Matthew tried, but fell asleep somewhere around 9:00. He just isn't the party type.

I don't exactly know what Megan and Trevor were expecting. They had asked if they could stay up late and Mike and I both thought that it would be ok. (Kind of hoping that it would mean that they would sleep in until noon the next day!) So Megan keeps coming in my scrap room asking me if it is midnight yet. Nope...sorry sweetheart, it is only 10:00.

Mike was up in his office setting up a desk that my parents had given us, and I was trying to finish up a layout before midnight. About 10:30 Mike and Megan go for a ride to Jack In The Box. A New Year's party just isn't a party without some junk food. When they get back we all sit down at the table and watch America's Funniest Home Videos together.

Finally a few minutes until midnight, I call up to Mike to come downstairs so we can go outside. I remember there being some sort of magic of being a kid, staying up late until the middle of the night and actually being allowed to go outside and make NOISE! My mom and dad always gave me two pans to bash together. Looking back, I'm sure the neighbors who were trying to sleep loved that! Ha ha!

We stand outside and we can hear fireworks in the distance. A few neighbors come out of their houses blowing little whistles, and you can hear some cars honking. Whoopee. It was cold, and the kids were complaining about it being cold. So we went inside. It took all of 60 seconds to go outside and see in the new year. Megan immediately slumped down on the floor and started to get upset that we weren't outside longer. (She who complained the loudest about being cold!) We told her that was it. That is New Year. It is 2006, now time for bed. We laughed because she was expecting more to happen. So mike started singing parade music, and I twirled a wooden hanger from the laundry pile on my arm and we made a parade in the family room. Trevor laughed, and Megan tried not to show that she thought it was funny. I am sure it was a bit of a let down when you are a kid and you don't know what New Year's is. It isn't like a parade happens at midnight or confetti and streamers pop out of the sky. (Well, at least if you are in our family) It is just too dangerous to go out on New Years. Sorry guys.

Trevor is tired. He starts to get mad that he didn't get to watch the credits to Bob The Builder. So we get him upstairs and while I am kissing him goodnight he says, "Daddy didn't kiss me yet, and I'm not happy." I went to go get Mike. He kissed him goodnight and wished him a happy new year. I bent down and played with Trevor's hair to help him fall asleep. He said, "I love you mommy, h a p p y newwwww.......snore. He was asleep. You can now hear both boys snoring. Two down, one to go.

Megan is in bed and we go kiss her goodnight. SHe falls asleep fast too. Night night sweetheart.

Mike and I go to bed. It is 2006. Happy New Year!