Friday, September 28, 2007

The proof is in the poo. Motherhood rocks.

How did I make it through two other children without swallowing a single foreign object or stuffing something up their nose?

Leave it to matthew.

He swallowed a penny tonight. So after a few calls, at least I'm not in panic mode anymore.

Everybody pretty much told me the same thing. Keep an eye on him to make sure that he doesn't choke. (It should be past his esophagus now.) and - get this - collect poo for the weekend.

No. Way.

Yep, all of those extra produce bags from the store and I are going to become friends this weekend, since I have to 'collect bowel movements' and try to feel for a penny. Gag. I hope I get that Volkswagen bug that I've been wanting for Mother's Day next year. ;)

He was crying so hard until I told him that he had to poop the penny out, then he just started laughing. You have to love boys. Trevor even asked me if he did get it out if I was going to put it in the scrapbook. I don't think so. Some things don't need to be put in there buddy.

Even though this sounds totally awful, I am at least hoping to find 'the object' because the next step is going to the doctor for an xray.

Motherhood. What can you say?

Monday, September 24, 2007

My house is suffering, but the kids are clean and fed.

I told Lisa the other day that I've been doing it wrong all along. I usually would do stuff that needed to be done during the day, like cleaning and laundry and then 'reward' myself with scrap time at night after the kids go to bed. This of course is after picking them up from school and helping with homework and spending some play time with them too.
The thing is, I usually end up cleaning until the middle of the night because I never know when to stop. Several weeks of this have made for a sparkly clean house, but one very exhausted me. One thing leads to another. So this week I've done it backwards. I'm scrapping first to save my sanity.
It isn't like the house can't wait, right? No matter how hard you work it is undone so fast you think a tornado went through anyway.
I have two more I'm going to work on too. Along with some Halloween cards. Then I'm sure I'll get tired of scrapping for a couple of days. Then pick up on cleaning again. I really do fun and exciting stuff occasionally! I really do! It just doesn't sound like it lately.
Here is my T. The journaling says:
I usually write about how fast time goes by, and how shocking and sad it seems to me - especially after looking at these photos. You have changed so much and gotten so big! But I also have to say after going through boxes of photos to find some of these that my biggest feeling is gratitide. I am so grateful for the 7 years that you have been here. I love having a boy, more than I ever could have known. I love your energy, your funky little observations, and the things that you do and say that make me laugh every single day. I do miss the little boy from years ago, but watching you grow has been one of the greatest things ever. My T man is SEVEN!
I just noticed that you can't see #1 on the scan on the top left photo, but it is there on the layout. I did forget #3 on it's photo though. Off to find more rub ons! Ack!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

she scraps!

<-- this is one of my favorite pictures of Matthew! He was so excited that day. I stole the journaling from the blog entry I did that day, so you've probably read it before. I'll spare you reading it again. Sappy mom journaling about sending my baby off to kindergarten and hoping that he always needs me.

He did help me a little on this one. That is his writing on there. Nothing is cooler than seeing your child spell their name for the first time!

<-- This one is super sparkly in real life. The paper in the background has glitter on it. I'm still thinking about adding some of those white doodlebug paper ribbon strips on there if I get a wild hair and make it to the store tomorrow.

The black rub ons were actually in a package sitting on my desk. I thought about just putting the woman sign on there, but then noticed the cute baby one too. It was PERFECT! I love when accidents like that happen, and best of all I used something that has been sitting around.

And see? All of my journaling isn't sappy. This just reminds me that seeing these pictures and how big she looks is FREAKING ME OUT.

I'm not leaving out Trevor or playing favorites. I'm working on a page about him right now. This feels like old times being able to accomplish 3 layouts within one month! Haha!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rock on mom!

I know, I probably sound like a broken record, but I have to be honest in saying since Mike has been gone how easily frustrated I can get in some situations. I've been good, honestly, but sometimes you just have to scream into a pillow.

Megan had a friend spend the night last night. Against my better judgement I said it was ok. So last night after a brief meltdown in my scraproom (huddled in the corner in a fetal postition!) haha! Of course out of sight so the kids didn't know. I find this note that Trevor had written and left on my desk from before school yesterday morning:

genre: non fiction <--- he's still doing that. It makes me laugh.




then there is a little stick figure wearing a dress. I guess that is me. I mean, I don't wear dresses that often. But this note makes it all worth it. Meltdowns and all.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's a sign of the times

Remember back in the 80's when people had cassettes? You don't see it as often anymore since CD's and MP3 players in people's cars, but while I was at a light today I saw it. Flapping in the breeze like a big chunk of brown tinsel was unrolled cassette tape. It just made me realize that with the invent of CD's, the planet is actually cleaner! ;)

Also, with some weird things that have come out of my children's mouths lately remind me of how many things have changed. It's all for the good, because really don't we want things to be easier for the next generations? Unfortunately it just reminds me of what a dinosaur I probably seem to my kids.

After some backseat driving from Megan one day, I asked her out of frustration, "Would YOU like to drive????"

"No mom. I can't drive because I don't even know how to turn on the map. How will I be able to drive anywhere without our british girl telling me when it is time to turn?" Gosh. (She's talking about the navigation system in my car. Which will probably be standard when she gets her first car. No getting lost to find your way home, which is nice to know.) Especially if you are the type to leave a crop in the middle of the night from Mesa and you turn left on Gilbert road thinking you are heading south and don't realize you are going the wrong way until you are on the indian reservation thinking, "Where the hell am I???"

Trevor: "I can't watch TV because the remote needs new batteries." So while I'm putting new batteries in, I tell him about how I used to have to *gasp* turn on the tv, wait for it to warm up, adjust the rabbit ears or slide that clicky thing on the box on top of the tv if you were lucky enough to have cable. Then, if you wanted to turn the channel you had to get up to change it. The horror. I kid you not, I had him stumped. He stared at me with his mouth wide open.

Last after finding some of my old U2 albums, Trevor asked me what in the heck those big black round things were. Albums. Then he asked, "WOW! What size was your CD player?!?!?"

So I guess the torch is passed. I am officially sounding like the parent who had to walk to school uphill both ways. In the snow. (Even though I've always lived in Phoenix.)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I pity the fool who doesn't think that this isn't the cutest Halloween tree ever!!!

It was one of those moments where I forgot that I wasn't shopping with a friend but still squealed when I saw this at Target today!

Also, I'm happy to say that I have two halloween costumes down. Matthew is going to be Captain Jack, and on a whim I bought the girl pirate costume hoping Megan would like it. She hadn't decided what she wanted to be yet. For awhile it was between Hanna Montana and a wildcat cheerleader. Now after she tried on the one I bought today it is settled. I have two pirates. I'm hoping I can talk Trevor into being one too!


I'm also back from a whirlwind trip to Kentucky to visit Mike for a couple of days. My dad and I went together. We had a great time, but it went by so quickly. I was also in a zombie like state and had a constant caffiene drip going because we left on Sunday at 7:00 a.m. So I was up at 3:30 that morning to get ready to go, drive to my parent's house and then get to the airport 2 hours early. Then of course getting used to the 3 hour time difference was hard too. Monday we had orientation at Comair all day. It was interesting, but I had such a hard time staying awake. Then Tuesday it was off to the airport again, early. I'm still trying to recuperate.

It was fun to see where Mike has been for the past month. Plus enjoy some incredible weather. It was in the 70s during the day, and I don't know what the temperature was at night because anything lower than 70 is cold to me. Let's just say it was sock weather - and I hardly ever wear socks!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

random observations

Maybe it's because I've been a little lonely and not having had much adult interaction for a month. (so far.) But there are things that you can't help noticing. Then if you don't put them down somewhere they seem to stick in your brain. Heaven knows I need that valuable space that these thoughts are taking for even more important information! ;)

So I'm at McDonald's this morning getting my soda. (I actually went twice since my kids go to different schools and both start at different times. Shhh. It's non calorie day.) I really needed caffiene today. Seriously.

I've known this for awhile, but my particular McDonalds' has two twin men working the drive through. One takes the money, and the other one gives me my soda. I finally had to ask one day if he had to run back and forth, and he said, "No that's my brother." - You know it is really cruel and messed up to do that to people so early in the morning. WTH? At least I know the secret now. But I do feel sorry for those who aren't in the know.

Second, I am due to get my hair colored again. Besides the obvious gray streak down the middle of my head, the other way I can tell it is nearing time is my hair isn't as 'fluffy' or listens as well to what I want it to do. My hair girl was telling me that the color that is on your hair actually attaches itself to your individual hairs, so it is adding body. Ok, that makes sense.

But why is it that we want fat, fuller hair, fuller lips and fuller boobage? Why isn't it just as acceptable if not desirable to have 'fuller' waistlines and rear ends? Nature is cruel. Besides the obvious joy that our children bring us, I believe we should be rewarded with smokin' hot bodies the more children we have.

Lastly, at Costco I noticed a couple of them and I just have to say that besides adorable babies and puppies, there is nothing cuter than little old men who wear white undershirts AS the tshirt. Do they just 'give up' and not care about the fashion rules anymore? I actually like that they are at a place in their lives where they really don't give a crap about what people think and are out just doing their thing.

The tshirt is always neatly tucked into usually khaki shorts with a belt. So it is obvious that they took some time and care before they went out. Their hair is always done, and usually they have the cute socks pulled up to the knee with sandals. I just think they are adorable. Yay for them!

So that is it. Hopefully I can delete this information in the little garbage can in my mind and move on to other things. Like the fact that Survivor starts next Thursday.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I just adore Target. :)






I repeat -

The Halloween stuff is out!!!!!!!!!!

(and it is still 110 degrees today. What in the hell is wrong with that!?!?!?)

Yep. I came through the front door and noticed that they were stocking the $1 spot with the new Halloween stuff and high tailed it to the back corner of the store. I'm not kidding, did you know those carts can make skid marks? I elbowed my way and knocked over a few women and children on my way back there! Don't they know how important this is???

There working like a bunch of holiday elves were about 3 dozen Target team members putting the new stuff out! Cute new plates, acrylic cups, decorations, and that glorious smell of aisles upon aisles of candy.... Yay!!

Not only was the Halloween stuff out, but the back to school stuff is on super clearance. I went a little crazy there. I can't resist office supplies.

So now a day that started out average, has turned into an incredible day! It's like Christmas! Or should I say - It's like HALLOWEEN!

leaving little notes

Genre: non fiction.

Trevor has been leaving me little notes every night that start out like that at the top.

Tonight's note was so cute.

He's such a sweet kid, and I want to squish him.

Tonight I wasn't feeling too well. I had a headache, and I'm sure that I'm getting a little worn down since Mike has been gone. I pretty much begged the kids to be good listeners and get ready for bed. Everybody got kissed and tucked in, and then I watched the news for awhile.

So tonight I'm taking some things upstairs and I see that he has snuck another note downstairs and left it on the bottom step. It said: Get well soon mommy. I'll take care of you tomorrow after school since you always take good care of us. I'll even get up early and make you breakfast in bed. Do you want cereal or toast? Circle which one you want. :)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

mall day

<-- my children stealing money from the fountain.

Actually they weren't, they were just sticking their hands in the cool water. All of us ignoring the 'please don't climb on the wall' sign. As you can see, nobody was around though, and I wouldn't have minded if I had to jump in to save one of the kids if I had to. It is still pretty hot.

Today I went and had lunch with Mike's parents at California Pizza Kitchen at Chandler Fashion Mall. I got there a little early, and am glad I brought my camera with me. We just had fun taking pictures and goofing around.

All in all, a nice day. Megan woke me up this morning with a plate of mini bagels, and iced tea. It was a nice surprise. :)