Sunday, December 31, 2006

TWO posts in one day! I'm on FIRE baaybee!

Why is it that spring break never goes as smoothly as winter break? My kids haven't been bored at all. Oh yeah, it must be the hundreds of dollars worth of Christmas presents that is helping us all to keep our sanity! Amazingly everybody plays together and are sharing!

Which also leads me too... them letting me get another scrapbook page done. Thanks guys!

Here is one that I did tonight. It is funny how it isn't anything that I had in mind. I think I like it, but it is kind of funny how sometimes your ideas don't make it to paper.

Here is the journaling:

I know that I had my camera with me, as I always do, and it helps that you are always such a willing model. I'm sure I found a pretty spot and thought that the weather and the overcast day made for perfect outdoor lighting . I would take your picture really quick.

Looking at these though remind me of the day that we spent together. An appointment to get your haircut, a stop at Target, and to Justice to spend your gift card. No big events really, but while these are all good memories they are not the most important of the day. What made the day special was the time that we spent together. Just being mother and daughter. I love you! December 27, 2006.

I just realized that the first paragraph on the page says "I'm know..." instead of "I know..." so now there is a big fat letter 'I' sticker covering up my typing mistake! D'oh!

Happy new year, and happy one year anniversary!

I was the LAST person that I ever expected to start a blog. I used to look at Maddy's and think she was SO cool and so computer savvy. Far from this computer illiterate girl who pretty much only knew how to surf 2Peas. Believe it or not, I actually was the one who found out how to start one myself. Usually Mike is the first person I ask when I need help with something computer related, but I remember he came home from being out and I showed him what I was able to do. I was so darn proud of myself! I still ask him for a lot of technical help, but hey...I'll get there.

The coolest thing is being able to go back an entire year and see such random things. A lot of them I never would have scrapped, and since I don't keep a regular journal to write in everyday, so many of these little reandom things I know I would have forgotten if I didn't blog about them. (It was also fun to watch my ticker count down to Halloween!)

Sometimes I just type out something that I think is funny that my kids say, sometimtes I write about something that is heavy on my mind. I love that I am able to keep it all in one place.

I also like that I can share with my friends, and it has been an incredible way to keep up with what is going on in their lives too. It has been a cool way to keep in touch.

It also reminds me that I CAN put together a complete sentence without pausing or grasping, "What is that word again???" You know, that mysterious thing that happens after childbirth that turns you into a ... oh whats the word.... the one who can't remember words.....

I hope that someday my kids can see what our everyday life was like, and hopefully be able to see growth in the way that I think.

Happy anniversary blog! And HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody!!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Big truck and small boy.

The planets must be aligned or something, because I found some time to scrap tonight.

No more breaks for me, because I forgot how much I really love doing this!

Just a silly one of my little boy who loves construction trucks - or anything with wheels really. ;) The journaling is probably hard to read, so here it is:

Matthew has always loved construction trucks. Usually they are working on the other side of a fence from where we are, which hasn't stopped us from occasionally finding a place to park to watch them as they move dirt around or dig holes. On this day, we went to drop off his sister at the church building and imagine how surprised and happy he was when THIS was in the parking lot!! Unfenced!

drumroll please......... my first attempt!

Pssst. Beth. Look what I can do! ;)

I actually got most of the way there by myself too, until I hit a wall and needed to ask mike for some help on the computer. (Little pat on the back thank you very much.)

Get ready for a lot of photo collages, because they are fun. Like these pictures... these are from Matthew's birthday, and I dreaded scrapping them. Now after putting them all on one single 8x12 sheet, I can order the collage from Costco, stick it on some cardstock, add some embellishments and BE DONE! I am pretty dang excited about this!!!

I'm always a few steps behind in the computer area. I'm terrified of the day that my children know more about using it than me (and let's face it, that day is near!), so I have quite a bit of learning to still do.

There was a comedian years ago that said something funny that I always think of when I realize how far behind I am. It was something like:

"On the information superhighway, I am on the dirt washboard access road."

Friday, December 29, 2006

Charlotte's Web

Mike ended up having today off from flying, so instead we all went out to see Charlotte's Web together. It has been FOREVER since he has had a day off, so it was really nice to be able to go out and do something as a family. - It was such a great movie. Dakota Fanning is absolutely adorable in it too.

Even though I knew what was giong to happen in the end, I still ended up getting teary. I think I really loved Charlotte even more since her voice is done by Julia Roberts. She has such a great voice for such a sweet character. Another one that I LOVED was Templeton, done by Steve Buscemi. I think I have loved him in just about every movie he has ever been in, plus he was in the Sapranos, that I love too. He just makes Templeton COOL.

The funniest thing happened on the way out. - There are several scenes where they show the smokehouse where of course, Wilbur is destined to end up until Charlotte comes along. So we are all leaving with that 'feel good' feeling of just seeing a movie, knowing that Wilbur is ok, blah blah blah....

To get to our car we had to go through a sidewalk area that runs behind some of the restaurants. Behind a wall, you see the top of a smoker from El Paso Barbeque... with smoke coming out of it and that yummy smell of smoked pork!!! Mike and I looked at it at the same time and just died laughing!! Talk about irony.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

another confession....

I have a confession. This is either one of my worst or best things about after Christmas. The garbage. It probably isn't much of a secret that I have some Monk like characteristics. But I have to admit that today I am very proud of myself.

I patiently waited for the recycle truck to come pick up the can from last week. Waiting in the garage was a huge stack of boxes, cans and plastic. As soon as the truck came and dumped out last week's stuff, I broke down all of the boxes and put it all in the big blue can. Some things had to be put in the voids left from the boxes, like cans and plastic blister packaging. It is like a tetris puzzle to me. A challenge.

Now our entire Christmas (food and stinky stuff excluded...which has already been picked up) is all tucked in the recycle can for next week's pick up. :)

Life is good.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

well that was quick


The tree is down, and the cat is ticked off. She thought she found a new favorite spot underneath it to sleep all day. She was seriously giving me the evil eye from a few feet away. I had to constantly remind her of where she came.... pound kitty. You can't be so pampered that you forgot that six months ago you were laying on a concrete slab. Reality check kitty. ;) Always remember from whence you came.

I did ask the kids if they would mind if the tree came down. Honestly, I would have taken it down on Christmas night, but I remember how much I loved the Christmas tree when I was a kid. I used to go sit and stare at it for hours. It could be that I was just watching to make sure that it didn't catch on fire. Who knows. We used to have those big lights that got really hot. Maybe that is where my OCD of checking and rechecking hot things comes from. Like candles that I KNOW I blew out, but I still have to go back and make sure the flame didn't spontaneous combust again. It is deep seeded in my mind from the old Christmas tree! See, now who needs therapy when I just figured that out all on my own!

Still, I am glad to have a big open spot in my house again. The kids kind of like it too since it has already been filled with another train track. - And was it MY idea to get the boys nerf machine guns??? I have been dodging flying nerf bullets all day. You have to love it though. They are having so much fun with all of the new toys.

One of the weirdest things was tucking the green and red totes back into the storage under the stairs. I really don't get into other holidays like I do for Halloween and Christmas, so I realized that I won't be pulling any of those color coordinated plastic totes out for many more months. Those boxes kind of give me hope during the summer when I see them and know that cooler weather really does exist here. :)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

breathe in... breathe out....

Today has been a great day! It helped that I slept in until 10:00, which I really needed after yesterday.

Mike and Trevor went out of town overnight. Trevor has been asking Mike if he would take him flying, and he promised him that as soon as he was on winter break he would. Tonight they are going to see a movie and out to dinner. I heard from Trevor and he sounds like he is having a really good time spending some one on one time with his daddy.

Megan, Matthew and I went out and did a little shopping. I wasn't planning on being out today, but they both had gift cards that were burning a hole in their pockets. Matthew had a Target card and knew what train he wanted. There has also been a baseball hat that he has been eyeing every time we go. Funny enough it is a Michigan hat. We have never been in Michigan, let alone near it. But to him it is blue (his favorite color) and has a big yellow 'M' on it for Matthew! Several times today people would ask us if we were visiting from Michigan. LOL!

Then we went to use up Megan's giftcard. It was for her favorite store... Justice. She had been wanting a net canopy thing that goes over her entire bed. She knew that is what she was going to spend her card on . Happily, it was 30% off! Yay! Plus, she found a shirt that she fell in love with that was on clearance. I figured I would go ahead and get it for her anyway. We go up to pay for everything and a woman who had been in earlier had spent so much that she earned several Fun Cards. These are cards that you get when you spend over $50. They can then be used on your next purchase over $20, and they are worth $10 off. We were a lucky recipient of a nice random act of kindness. Megan got both her canopy and her shirt for the value of her giftcard. She was so happy that she was able to buy both of the things that she wanted all by herself.

Then we went out for dinner at Chili's, and are planning on a girl night tonight complete with doing nails and watching Cheaper By The Dozen together. Matthew has been playing with all of his new toys, so it has been pretty quiet and relaxing. It just feels so good. I think this is the best part of the Christmas season. It feels like things are kind of back to normal, and we are able to spend time together since the kids have a couple of weeks off.

Finally, it feels like I can exhale! Now if I can just reclaim my family room by taking the tree down!

Monday, December 25, 2006

silent night.......

Finally. All is calm, all are tired.

It never ceases to amaze me how several months of preparation, shopping, hiding, wrapping, all can come to an end so quickly. Like every other family with small children, ours went through the first wave of Christmas presents in a flash. The first wave being the ones from santa and mommy and daddy. The second and third waves being from nanas and papas and aunts and uncles that came over later in the day. Each pile of gifts were torn open. I told my mom that it doesn't seem right... that the unwrapping should at least take a few more minutes than the time it took you to stand in the checkout when buying said presents.

I hope next year to switch things and everybody take turns opening a present while the others watch for a few minutes. We figured that wouldn't seem like something Matthew would be able to handle quite yet. No matter what, it was still a very nice day. I am amazed at how much my children got, and the neat things that we got too.

The boys both fell asleep pretty easily last night, but Megan wasn't able to. I finally got into her bed to play with her hair and hope to get her to sleep around 11:00. She kept talking, and finally I had to pretend I was asleep so she would stop. Poor thing. I could hear her whispering while she counted down from 100 several times. Finally she nodded off. Then it was go time! Get those presents out, take a bite of the cookies left for santa and go to bed.

5:45 in the freakin' a.m. and Megan comes in to wake me up. Did I even go to bed last night???? The boys were still sleeping so hard that I got up with megan and said that she could open her stocking stuff and play with that for awhile. That kept her busy while she watched the clock. At exactly 7:00 she woke everybody else up. Then the sound of thundering feet running down the stairs.

Matthew had specifically asked for this big Curious George that he saw a few months ago. I thought for sure he would have forgotten about it, but sure enough when he saw santa THAT is what he asked for. It was sitting on top of the tree, and Matthew just laughed so hard when he saw it. Megan and Trevor got what they asked for and then some. Megan wanted a Razor scooter, and Trevor wanted a Pokemon game for his nintendo.

Now hopefully a couple of hours before other people were going to show up. I also had gotten mike a big lego airplane that came with all the fun stuff inside too... like a beverage cart complete with little glasses...and rows of seats. Every boy needs a toy on Christmas morning right? He put that together before even taking a shower. I think he liked it!

Soon Mike's parents showed up with Cheryl, then my mom and sister and her family. My dad unfortunately was sick and couldn't come. It was weird without him here. He ususally loves Christmas. :( - But it was the second and third wave of presents. More stuff. More paper, more sorting and cleaning up. It was awesome.

The adults somewhat got a break because of my nephews. One is 14 and the other almost 16. They had a lot of energy to play with my kids... who also had a lot of energy! I owe those two!

Somehow though, the time went by fast today. Everybody left, and we were exhausted. Trevor wanted to watch his new Pokemon movie, and I fell asleep next to him on the couch. I kind of felt bad because when I woke up it was dark outside. It hit me that Christmas was coming to an end.

So here it is, the end of another Christmas. I hope that my kids are able to remember today and hope that they have good memories from it. I remember how magical Christmas was when I was their age.


I am going to crash.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I think they are ready!!!

The kids cracked me up today. They are SO excited about tomorrow morning. We have the same conversation pretty much every year.

In our other house that didn't have a fireplace, they would ask how Santa got in to leave presents.

"He has a key."
"Well, then how does he not set off the alarm?"
"He has the alarm code."

The past two years we have had a fireplace. Much to their relief because it has to be easier for Santa. Although, one problem... our fireplace is in an outdoor atrium in the middle of the house. So poor Santa still has to have an alarm code to get in. Things must have been much easier in the days when people left their doors unlocked. I don't think our kids can fathom that, and worry so much about santa being able to make it into everybody's houses on Christmas Eve.

I caught them today making sure that everything is clear for tonight. LOL!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ah, finally... Christmas spirit.

Just a couple of more days! Would you believe that I am finally in the Christmas spirit too? Just in time! I think it helped a lot last night that Mike and I went out to finish up our shopping. My mother in law had all three kids overnight, so that left the entire night for mike and I to do everything without worrying about a schedule.

It also helped that yesterday was COLD. It was in the low 40's in the Phoenix area during the day, and I heard that the snow level was at 3000 feet. I'm pretty sure we saw it trying to dust the top of South Mountain when we were coming back from downtown Phoenix. Plus it drizzled and rained all day. It finally looked like a winter day. It was a bit uncomfortable at times, getting in and out of the car and going into stores or the mall, but it felt like Christmas. At least what appears to be Christmas type weather for us desert dwellers.

We went out for dinner, went shopping, came home and wrapped presents for hours in front of the TV.

I'm getting excited about Christmas day! My family, Mike's family, and their friend Cheryl (who Trevor instantly fell in love with when we went out for dinner awhile ago) are coming over. It should be nice.

Mike cracks me up. I think I am either the coolest (in my eyes of course) or the geekiest, that I now have a cell phone that instead of ringing has the sound that Kim Possible's commmunicator makes. I hope people start calling me! ;) It makes me laugh whenever I hear it. As you know, I think Kim ROCKS. :)

I think today I just have to make one more attempt out to Target. (darn!) My wrapping paper is running low. The last time I was there I couldn't find a cart to save my life, and I felt like a salmon trying to go upstream to the back of the store to find a box of kitty litter. I imagine today is going to be even more scary. Wish me luck. After that, I plan on shutting the doors, and locking myself in my house for the rest of the weekend. Snuggling with my kids who are home from school for two weeks. Yay!

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 18, 2006


Trevor stayed home today. He was up coughing all night, and he looked like crap when he woke up. So I told him that he was staying home. Of course a few hours later he is fine and running around the house. So I decided to take both boys with me to do some errands. With a baby shower at my house tomorrow night, and Christmas this weekend, I couldn't waste a day. Whether I am feeling well or not. The way I have been taking it, you would think that airborne is candy. Plus Mike was nice enough to let me sleep in today to get some rest, so I'm sure that helped.

One errand was the Hallmark store. Holy cow, with two boys all I kept saying was, "DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!" I thankfully made it out of there after a small panic attack and I'm sure a few extra gray hairs.

Then to Target. I know I forgot some things that I needed. I even had a list. But they each ask questions every 30 dang seconds and my train of thought is GONE. I criss crossed the store about a dozen times remembering things that I needed. Ugh. I'm not so sure it was worth trying to take them because I'm pretty sure that I have to go back tonight.

*sigh* Little boys. We were walking back out to the car and I was watching them walk together in front of me pushing the cart. They were pretty cute watching them jump over every crack in the pavement. Remind me that someday I will miss having them go to target with me.

Speaking of missing, I miss scrapping. I don't think I have done anything in a month now! At least it feels like it. I want to so bad, I even wanted to try doing one of those Christmas in the hell do normal people have time to do that everyday plus the stuff that you have to do to prepare for Christmas anyway?? Psychos. They have to be. (sorry Jen, but you are amazing me right now with yours!) Maybe I'll do an after Christmas journal. With wads of wrapping paper.

That is pretty much the only update from here lately. I'm still pretty happy after Survivor last night. Next season looks pretty dang good too! I just love this show. It could also be that Jeff Probst reminds me of Bono sometimes when he is wearing the sunglasses. That gives me the warm fuzzies. Who knows. It is a cool show. I have to say that I would have been happy either way of who won. I was wanting Yul, but I think Ozzy was awesome in the game too. I think this is the first season in a long time that I wouldn't have been disappointed either way. (I still think Terry the pilot was ROBBED last season.) I'm still a bit bitter about that. Heck, I can't even remember who won at this point! That is how bitter I still am.

Happy last week before Christmas!

Yay for Yul!

A really quick update, since I am not feeling well...


I got one of the things that I wanted for Christmas!

Survivor -

YUL WINS!!!!!!!!!


And my faith in reality TV continues.... ;)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Smart kid. Matthew told me this today:

"Dads go to work so that mommies can stay home and scrapbook."

I'm glad to see that he notices ALL the other work I do around the house. ;) But no matter what, it is still a pretty good gig.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I really don't like Maddy right now. I keep thinking of her perky self while I got railroaded into decorating for Christmas tonight. In a weak moment yesterday, I told the kids that we could put up the tree tonight after Mike got home. THE TREE.

Lets start by saying that I had to pull out about 5 totes of decorations before I could even see the box that the tree is packed in. It is all under a closet that is under our stairs, so I have to crawl towards the back, bending over trying not to hit my head. Of course with every box I went to retrieve, all three kids would follow me into the freaky dark little room that is under the stairs. It is L shaped, and of course all of the Christmas decorations are past the curvy part of the L. Each box the kids would jump up and down, "Is that the tree? Is that the tree???" Me: "If I don't have room to put these plastic totes, then the tree is never coming out!!! Now excuuuuuse me!"

Well now somehow the tree getting pulled out tonight has turned into decorating the rest of the house with Christmas stuff. Matthew keeps pulling ornaments out and placing them on tables and chairs throughout the downstairs. I can't wait to find all of those later tonight. I could say no, but he is having so much fun decorating. I am starting to see why my mom did most of the decorating while I was at school, and left just enough for me to do to keep happy. Smart mom! ;)
Just think though, she not only had to deal with putting each branch into the 'trunk' of the tree, she had to string lights and then deal with my dad and I throwing icicles in clumps all over the place. I'm sure there was a lot of late night rearranging by her.

Have I mentioned how much crap I bought last year at Target? I have to admit that I had some pretty sorry decorations for years. We had that "just got married, need cheap decorations" look, for umm... 14 years. I had a lot of nicer things in there, but I am so happy to finally be able to replace my ugly plastic bead garland that I bought at Sprouse in Wickenburg. So, I have to admit that I am kind of excited about how many things I had forgotten that I bought, that still have tags on them. Of course the best part is knowing that most of it I got for 75% or 90% off, so I just giggle at my $10 iron reindeer that cost me next to nothing! I have a little herd of them now.

Mike was laughing at me that some of the ornaments that I bought last year resemble pumpkins. They are pretty glass, and yes, now I see it. They look like pumpkins. Silver and orange pumpkins. Who says Halloween can't be a little part of Christmas?

So wish me luck. I'm going back out into the battlefield of tissue paper and ornaments. I'll post some pictures tomorrow. I reeeeally just wish that Maddy would bring her cute self over here and either help me or sing some Abba Christmas music while I'm decorating.

early resolutions

Oh there is no hiding it. You know what that picture says. Especially if you are an addict like me. ;)

I haven't had a soda today. One morning down doesn't seem like much, but when that is the first thing I need in the morning, you KNOW what a big deal it is!

With Christmas shopping I have also rediscovered the mall. And clothing stores. Somewhere along the way, after baby number 2, I stopped having any sense of style. I used to be a Gap girl, Eddie Bauer, etc. kind of girl. I wasn't totally trendy, but I had a little somethin' somethin' going on. Then I got lazy and into the habit of buying a new tshirt whenever I would need to go to Target to pick up diapers.

Not that there is anything wrong with that, but you know what I mean. My comfort zone is ONLY that by now. I realized the other day when I needed something a little more dressy, that I really don't have anything! Except formal stuff left over from cruises. Plus according to one pea, I am a frumpy mom. Apparently I need to run out and buy myself a pair of kitten heels. ;)

Yesterday I found a ton of stuff on clearance at Dillard's. (See, the best part of living in Phoenix is all of the summer stuff is on clearance, but we wear that stuff year round because of the weather! It's all about the LAYERS. Why can't I say that without thinking of Donkey and parfaits? Everybody loves parfaits!)

I was so happy that I actually found several things that came home with me. But it was staring at myself in the mirror that hit me. I NEED to do something. The thing is, and I have known this for awhile, that I don't really take care of myself. I don't eat well. I eat ... pretty much crap. A coke and a pop tart makes a great breakfast right? Somehow I don't think I am setting the best example for my kids either. Bad mommy.

So I'm going to give this a try again. Baby steps. To eat better. I am starting it now instead of January, because if I do that I know I am setting myself up for failure. I'm one of those that comes up with New Years resolutions and never follows through. Unless that resolution is to drink more coke or eat more chocolate!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

totally random stuff.

Fa la la la la

.... crappy scan.

This layout almost deserves a layout about how it was made. The "chillproof" tag is what started it all. We had several days where it was unseasonably cold here. It is fine when we can get used to it, but it was seriously in the low 80s one day, the next day a cold front came in and the high for the day was in the 60's! Desert dwellers don't do well when that happens. We all seem to freeze.

Anyway, the tag came off the hat, gloves and scarf that we had to run out and buy for school the next day. It is a shimmery, pearl color. Cool inspiration can pretty much come from anything.

I took the photo that first morning before school, but didn't have it printed yet. I ended up at Shanna's house the next day for a little get together crop before she gets married. Michelle needed something from the store she works at, and being the VIP that she is, she was able to get us in after hours. ;) I found all of the paper that I wanted to use on this layout. Then, as we are standing by the back register waiting to check out, Beth notices some scraps in the trashcan back by the die cutting area. She picked it up and asked Michelle if it was the new bazzil bling paper. (It is just frosty cardstock.) It was a cool pearl color. Beth plops it back in the trashcan and notices some big pieces of chipboard in the trashcan. We start to pick out the chipboard scraps. (The were pretty sizeable scraps, usually we aren't so desperate!) Anyway... in the trash is enough of the bazzil bling left over to quickutz the word "cold", and somebody had also thrown away that awesome snowflake that had been die cut from the bling as well! (I added the diamond dust and it worked perfect!) I grabbed them. So now we are laughing that we are officially dumpster diving for scrap supplies. Never underestimate a scrapbooker.


Regrouping. It has been a week of regrouping for me. You know how sometimes things just feel like they are out of control? You take one step forward and two steps back? This month has seemed like that. In many aspects of my life. Family, friends, church, keeping up with the house, Christmas... pretty much everything. I think I was in a funk actually.

Somedays I just feel like I am treading water and just trying to make sure that I have accomplished enough at the end of the day so I don't start out behind on the next one. That is when I need to realize that some regrouping is in order. I think I started to realize it when I was at Shanna's house. We are all so busy right now, and each month gets away from us. I find that I really miss when I can't connect with these girls. Even though, sadly, some of them were missing this month due to personal things not allowing them to get away. But I always feel when I have been with these people that it feels so good afterwards to have caught up again. To realize how lucky I am with the people in my life. My family and my friends. I love you all. Even the ones that I don't get to see often. I think of you all the time.

Church. Sometimes it feels like such a pain in the rear to get up on a day when you feel lazy and know that you have to go for a three hour block. Then there is trying to get the kids to sit through an hour long of sacrament meeting, and due to the time of our block, I'm always starving during sunday school and relief society. - Once I go I always feel much better. I am so grateful for the church that I belong to. I honestly don't think it matters what faith you belong to, but just that feeling of coming out and knowing that you have reconnected with the Savior is an incredible feeling.

Heck, even my house. I was in a bit of a protest the past couple of weeks. I would do some things that needed to be done, but I never got to the entire house and always felt like I couldn't relax due to knowing that things still really needed to be done. I know the things could wait, but there is that gnawing feeling in the back of my mind when you have some whacked out perfectionist OCD about cleaning. Not to mention finally tripping over enough laundry scattered on the floor. I finally got it all done this weekend, and I feel like a weight has been lifted.

Christmas... Ok, still working on that one. I plan on getting the tree out tonight and I'm going to just let the kids do all the decorating of it this year. (I'm sure I'll go back and rearrange a little)

So, regrouping is a good thing. Just every now and then I need to remember... take a deep breath.... attack it all, or just reprioritize.

Friday, December 01, 2006

all I want for Christmas.....

I just love Thursday night TV! I'm getting really frustrated with it right now. This is what I figure:

All I want for Christmas is:

for Yul to win Survivor. I don't think anybody I have ever rooted for has ever actually WON Survivor. Come on, Yul totally deserves it.

The Office. I am so mad at Jim. I almost boycott this show last week when he and Pam said that they were just friends. Come on Jim. That new girl sucks. Pam is so sweet. I want those two together for Christmas.

CSI. I just want Grissom to stay. Enough said. The show will suck without him.

I haven't watched Real World/Road Rules challenge yet, but I want more drama!!! Tina never should have left.

I know, I get pretty wrapped up in Thursday night programming. I admit it. ;) But is my list too much to ask???