Saturday, January 31, 2009

Proof that my kids are whack. You would think this was a springtime photo. Nope... that's from today. How is it they can go from one extreme to the other is beyond me.


Just in case you were sick of snow pictures..... here's a doughnut. A happy sprinkle doughnut. Who doesn't like doughnuts?!?!

It's finally the weekend, even though it really has no bearing in this house since.... the kids have been off of school, Mike is still here and doesn't go to work on Monday (yet!) and my day is usually the same. Why is it just the thought of it being the weekend is so nice still?

Hoping to catch up on some housework today. Maybe take some photos....

anyway.... happy weekend to everybody!

Friday, January 30, 2009

3 more for the day.

I told Lisa I would post some of the stuff I've been working on this week. I know you've all seen a ton of snow photos and are probably sick to death of them. ;) But.... this is what makes me a fan of digital. I was able to do three pages about our first official winter storm, a story that begins our new year here and heck, I already feel like I've got three solid pages for 2009 to start a new album.
I was feeling kind of lost for a couple of weeks that I hadn't been taking many photos. It seemed like every time I opened my photos the 2009 folder had ONE photo of something I sold on ebay. It looked kind of sad. I'm used to taking many more photos than I have been. We've been home so much lately and even Megan is starting to turn on me when it comes to me wanting to take photos. What happened?!?! She was always my go to girl when it came to taking pictures!
Matthew and Trevor I usually have to be a little more sneaky about. Luckily I haven't had to resort to bribery quite yet!
P.S. In the last layout I took out street names for the big bad web. ;)

no title ideas whatsoever.

The sun is out and blue sky in the front of my house, but white sky behind our house, with flurries. I feel like the Adam's Family house right now. Like one cloud is hanging over our house. Or maybe I live in a snow globe. It's interesting and so incredibly gorgeous to look at! I must be somewhat acclimated because it doesn't even feel painfully cold when I go outside for anything right now. I feel like my froggies when I clean their tank and they have to float in a Tupperware thingie so their water is the same temperature before they get to jump back in.
I have been busy with some journaling heavy pages the past week. Mainly they are pictures that have stressed me out for a long time, or haven't gotten around to, or just didn't have time to sit down and write a ton of details and stories. I'll have more to post in a bit, but blogger won't let me post them all in one bunch and I have a dryer dinging at me right now waiting for another load of laundry. It feels kind of good to have some of these behind me now. Hey, I even pulled out some paper to do some more work in my blog album and some pages for photos I've had printed. Snow days are good for the scrapper's soul (and mojo!) that's for sure!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The sun is out!

A few more photos for the fam. It has been a really nice day. A lot of relaxing, playing and spending time together. The snow finally stopped and the sun came out. That is so strange, but incredibly beautiful. The snowplow trucks are going up and down the streets starting to dig people out. As soon as the snow stopped there has been a ton of outdoor activity! Including us.

This photo is from yesterday. I tossed some cans of coke out onto the deck before lunch. When we were sitting down to eat I told them to look outside and see what the coke fairy brought us! When it snows, and you've been very good and the fairy knows that you can't get to McDonalds for a soda, she brings you perfectly and naturally chilled cans of soda. Isn't Kentucky great?! I love coke fairy.

Snowed in. We're not going anywhere anytime soon.

I'm cautiously happy this morning about what we woke up to. Last night there was a lot of sleet coming down, making everything slippery. Ice on top of snow is naaaastay. The entire street and yard looked like a zamboni had been driving around. This morning we are having crazy snow on top of that ice. It looks like we're not going ANYWHERE for a few days. We are officially snowed in. Photos do absolutely no justice to what it really is like out there. But here is my attempt.

I'm feeling very lucky since this is worse than it was expected to be, and we have power. This was from this morning:
Power outages this morning are fluctuating between 14,000 and 22,000 as customers wake up and realize their power is off, said spokeswoman Johnna Reeder. Most of the outages are south of the Ohio River in Northern Kentucky and in Hamilton and Clermont counties.
Duke Energy has supplemented about 500 full-time utility workers with 800 additional workers from the Carolinas and Akron, Reeder said.The utility canceled plans to bring in another 900 people because not as much ice accumulated overnight as originally predicted, particularly in Northern Kentucky, she said.“I am not saying what we did see isn’t major but it’s not the kind of ice that we expected,” she said.

Police and firefighters across Northern Kentucky are busy this morning dealing with downed power lines blocking roads. Covington Police closed the 200 block of Garrard Street because of numerous trees had fallen in the street. There are about 4,000 Duke Energy customers without power in Northern Kentucky this morning, said Reeder. "As limbs continue to break, that number could go up," she said. The outages included about 2,000 in Kenton County, about 700 in Boone County and about 100 in Campbell County.
We're in Boone County. So that line in the article made me realize that sitting here snowed in my house with power is an amazing thing. We can ride this out. *Knock on wood* we're all cozy, have plenty of food and lots of games to play. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow day #2!!

Yesterday we had a snow day, but the roads were so perfect and we needed to go to Costco, so we all went to Cincinnati for the day. The snow days when you aren't stuck at home are kind of nice. It's like being given a free day for the kids. I think they were expecting this big winter storm to have hit earlier than it did.

But last night it came!! I stayed up until after 1:00 to watch it snow. They were the biggest flakes I've ever seen and it was beautiful. I need to have a cozy chair to put in front of a window for future snowstorms. I don't think I'll ever get sick of watching it snow.

We got 5 - 6 inches last night, and there is more on the way tonight. So we are banking on another snow day tomorrow! Here is Megan, on her way to a friend's house standing in the middle of the street. It's weird because in some areas you can't tell where your yard ends, the sidewalk is or where the street is. So our tree in our front yard that usually has a mound of dirt on it and also our gauge for how much snow there really is.... looks like it's sitting out in the middle of the street when you are looking at it from inside the house. Trevor and I think that is pretty cool.

My street. Is it silly that I would love to roll down that hill into a big snowball like you see in cartoons?

Time for a new game. Torture the dog. Toss a ball out into the snow and watch it disappear. Then watch the dog go nuts. She found it once and brought it back to me. Only to lose it again. I suppose we'll find it sometime next week. Later I'll take her out again with her popped soccer ball so she at least has a sporting chance of finding it.
It's hard to get her in after letting her out to play. She loves the snow.

We're such geeks. I even tossed a few cans of soda out on the deck to chill so we can find them again at lunchtime. We're just keeping things interesting around here. ;)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


There is a tire store here that always has the funniest signs every week. One time there was one that made me laugh because I totally feel that way. It said,

We're not easily distra.....


That's funny. I totally GET that. Then today at the grocery store I realized a lot of other people are like that too. Mike, Matthew and I went to the store earlier. When we went in it was clear outside and we were supposed to start getting snow tonight and tomorrow. We were in there for less than an hour and as we were walking up to the front of the store you could see that it was snowing outside and the entire parking lot had turned white.

Everybody up front had the same reaction..... big smiles, wide eyes, and people saying, "It's snooooowing!" The big cool flakes too.

I called Megan and Trevor who stayed home to tell them we were on our way back. Trevor answers the phone and says with 100% confidence, "Yeah.... we're pretty much guaranteed a snow day tomorrow!"

I hope so. These kids have felt a little gyped out of the snow days so far. It was one thing we promised them would be pretty cool before we moved here, and sure enough this is the least amount of snow that this area has seen in awhile. Dang. At least we still have a couple of months left to keep our fingers crossed for more.

Piper even loves the snow. I took her outside to play after I noticed she was sitting by the window looking outside. It had stopped falling when we went out to play.

Oh my gosh, and can I just say that Pride In The Name Of Love is one of the greatest U2 songs ever? It could be about Bono singing the phone book, that guitar is incredible and still gives me goosebumps. Bono has so much passion in that song. It's always one of the best in any of their concerts. (It's on right now, can you tell?) I remember waking up at 5:30 every morning in 1985 when Mtv used to play that video at the same time every day. It started my morning off well. :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

saturday night

Thank you for the wii game of Zelda, that is making it possible for me to sit on the computer in peace while the rest of the fam is feet away playing it together. :)

Just a quickie for the night and an old story that has been bouncing around in my head for 8 years. Whew... I'm happy to finally have it down on something. Just click on the image if you want to read the journaling.

Happy weekend y'all.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I've been a bad blogger. Truth is, I feel like I have nothing really to talk about. We're still waiting for everything to come together for Mike's new job and the waiting has been incredibly stressful. I've become a bit of an introvert on the blog, facebook, and boards. Hopefully life will even out again soon. Just waiting for some news and keeping fingers crossed.

SO.... really not much I can think of to say. I'll talk about LOST. OK, I had given up on this stupid show. I was mad during the last season that there are still too many unanswered questions and I was beginning to wonder if the writers even knew where they were going with it. It started to irritate me. Then I hated that there was a year before the show even picked up again. I thought I would give up on it for good.

Oh no.... then Mike was watching the recap episode the other night and of course I had to sit down and watch it. Then the two hour season premiere. Yes... I'm hooked on it again and I'm sure I'll end up getting angry all over again. But this is such a good show.

Oh yeah... and a little digi layout with an ultrasound photo from way back. That is my little Megan. Before I knew she was a little Megan. I'm making friends with my scanner, so there should be a lot of baby stuff coming up that I never got around to scrapping. Mostly because they are real photos with negatives, and I was always afraid of committing to paper or designs since there weren't really many more shots. As long as I know I have these things in my computer, I can make 100 pages of the same photo. It's liberating!!!

Hopefully some good news coming soon. - and I promise to be around more.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy birthday to Lisa. The big TWO NINE.

Happy birthday to you...

happy birthday to you...

happy birthday to my favorite hooooooker....

happy birthday to yoooooou.

Happy birthday to my friend Lisa. A little bit of sanity.... in an insane world. I am so happy to have sat next to you at that 2Peas crop long ago. Who knew what would happen after that. :)

Love you very much my friend! Have a great day!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Yep... it's cold.

Yep. More kraft paper. I love kraft paper. My kids will know without a shadow of a doubt that kraft is my favorite color. Next to beige. ;)

The Today card is a new brush in Karla's newest digital kit. "Capture Life" is in another one of her kits. I know I wouldn't be able to scrap without her. She has some amazing stuff. I've never been really big on titles for pages.... it was always the part I cringed at.... and just putting a loopy word somewhere makes my life so much easier.

These are old photos that I dreaded scrapping for a long time. Thanks to the extrememly cold weather, I'm inside and not budging today. Might as well spend some quality time with the computer.

I won't lie, it is cold here. DAMN cold. I'm lucky that I don't really have all that many responsibilities that make me have to go out in it. I can ride it out with my many layers of clothing and my space heater. The kids don't seem to mind it much since they are still playing with all of their new toys from Christmas.

Last night I had let the dogs out (Mike and I always look at each other to see who is going to let them out, but last night I wanted to see what 6 below ZERO looked and felt like. It's cold btw! So I offered.) and I stepped out onto the deck from the back of the house. There was this huge popping noise that sounded like gunfire. It echoed all the way down the hill and I thought I should have ducked for cover. Only to take another step and hear the same noise... then another.... the wood on the deck was frozen! It creaked and popped with every step. It was crazy. It's definitely a new thing to me. I'd much rather have my perfect weather, or at least several feet of snow to look at if it's going to be this cold, but honestly... I'm kind of enjoying the newness of the whole thing. It's an adventure. - And I'm totally a weather geek.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How to have a happy period!

For posterity... the thermometer in my car this afternoon said 10 degrees. That was the high today. We may see temps below 0 tonight. Yay!

The weird thing is, the sun is out, the sky is bright blue and there are cute puffy white clouds in the sky. Everything outside the window looks warm until you go outside and are slapped by the cold. Thankfully it isn't windy because THAT is when it really hurts.

I'm not suffering though. We did some errands today and my heat works well and my heated seat kept my rear end warm. Thank goodness for technology... and garages.... which would be hard to live without during this weather too. I actually witnessed a woman at a stoplight scraping ice off the INSIDE of her windshield with a credit card today. LOL.

Megan will kill me later on I'm sure, for writing anything about this... but the 5th grade had that health class today. The one where the boys and girls get separated. (Not the big talk, but just on hygiene and puberty.) She came home with a goodie bag with some Secret deodorant, some pads and a booklet. Mom, you'll be glad to know my first instinct was to flip the bag over and make sure it was from P&G. I would have been shocked if it wasn't... with the whole P&G and Cincinnati thing going on here.

The booklet title just made me laugh. They make it look like hygiene and periods are SO MUCH fun! - Along with a picture of two young girls giggling together while they listen to their MP3 players. It makes me wonder if I'm doing it wrong. I certainly don't have that much fun.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

keep your fingers crossed!

Might as well post this layout from our last snow day, because we are crossing our fingers for another one tomorrow.

The kids were all so upset yesterday that school wasn't cancelled. The day before they were intent on watching the news to see the weather because the buzz around school was about this huge storm that is on the way. Apparently my kids are a bit superstitious like me and wanted to try out all the things they were told to do in order to make sure school would be closed the next morning.

a.) wear your jammies inside out when you go to sleep. - from Megan.
b.) stare at something white before you close your eyes to go to sleep. - from Trevor
c.) sleep with a spoon under your pillow. - from Matthew.

Seriously, they each came home with one of these 'sure to make it happen' stories from somewhere in school. Plus with the weather report on the news, they were sure there was going to be a school closing for them. No such luck the next morning. And boy were they mad.

Not even ice on the road, which usually is the real reason for the school to close around here.

BUT... another storm is on the way and this one promises something. At least freezing cold, close to zero temperatures (I know you AZ girls are laughing! STOP IT. I can hear you.)

Keep fingers crossed... hopefully tomorrow we'll all be home!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This ain't no party... this ain't no disco...

(I have no idea why that song is stuck in my head, and apologies to anybody else who has it stuck in theirs now!)

Not much going on tonight. It's cold outside so we're hanging out inside, with my little heater blowing warm air across my hands while I sit on the computer. That is my winter staple.

The layout with Trevor stressed me out for some reason, so I also wanted to make a lighter one with Megan. Sometimes you just run out of things to say....

I also really really need to start taking some photos again. I think that's part of my problem is that I've neglected doing that and need some fresh mojo! My kids have probably enjoyed a small break from mommarazzi though.

Until then I'm trying to catch up on some old photos and some old stories.... before my old brain forgets them. ;)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

here's one for Saturday...

Wow, it's weird to see my old house in this one.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Drive by posting.

Just a quick posting tonight... a page I did last night and a little today. The photo was actually taken on accident. I was messing around with my camera because the flash was sticking, and I found this picture later when I was downloading photos. It was from our road trip day to Lexington before Christmas.


I can totally understand a child's excitement at waking up and finding out that it is a snow day! It meant we got to sleep in! Woohoo! Today was our first official snow day ever. We've had a few delayed starts, but this was the biggie. How fun it is to wake up and look on the computer for an email from the school! CLOSED! Yesssss.

Of course the newness makes for excited shovelers. Megan and Matthew both begged to shovel the walk and the driveway. Might as well take advantage of that while you can right? I told Matthew it was ok, as long as he was having fun doing it. He turns around with the shovel and says, "I'm not doing this for fun. This is SERIOUS work." Yes, yes it is. All of 2 inches we may have had accumulated last night. He's keeping us safe.

The little guy did a path for each side of the car, so the tires had a straight shot from the garage to the street.

Megan thought the walk needed to be done.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

T McD and the spelling bee

Yikes, again this reminds me to take some pictures...stat. Sadly this from December, on our trip down to Lexington. - BUT I have a little update since my last post that I am pretty dang proud of. This kid, who is beyond smart, was one of the last three standing in a spelling bee with over 100 3rd grade kids today!! Two kids away from being able to compete in a regional bee, and on the way to a national one. Way to go Trevor!!


Well these horses really have nothing to do with my post. They are gone for the winter and no longer greet people coming into our subdivision. Hopefully they are in their nice cozy barns. - but posts always feel naked without some sort of picture to go with it, so here they are.

Which also reminds me of how lazy I have been with photo taking since the new year started. It seems odd to go into my photo folders and realize a new one for the new year hasn't been started. I'm usually pretty good about taking a lot of pictures. I'm not sure why I'm in a slump.

I have a sickie home today. Apparently the stomach flu is going around school and I have one of the lucky winners. Ugh. Poor Matthew, he doesn't have much weight to give in the first place, but after a few puking episodes he's a little waif. So.. want to take bets on who is going to be next in our family? Stomach flu never misses anybody once it gets into our house. Yipeee.

The other two kids had a delayed start today. Nobody seemed to mind the extra hour of sleep though.

That's our exciting day. I have had some couch time with Matthew watching Spongebob and Thomas. Which is totally ok since it is cold and rainy out.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Long, but worth the read....

This is long, but well worth the read if you live in Phoenix or grew up there. It has me missing it today!!

A list of all things people remember about growing up in Phoenix, Arizona. The early years!

1) Would have done anything for a Ladmo bag. (I sat NEXT to my friend Crissy Capacio who WON it. I'm not bitter. Oh yes I am.)

2) Tired to fry an egg on the sidewalk. Yes. Yes I did.

3) Can still remember the words to the hepatitis song. oh my gosh YES I still sing that to my kids when they need to wash their hands after going to the bathroom, wash your hands after changing baby tooooo, cuz we don't want to spread hepatitis, and we don't want hepatitis to catch yoooou... Who? YOU! I'm sure my mom can still sing that since I probably drover her crazy with it.

4) Spent way too many summer days in a mall. Fiesta Mall had dang good A/C and the toy store had model horses, it was next to the record store where you could browse through 45s, and get a pretzel at the gyro guy up in the food court. Yep, good times.

5) Remember KZZP. and KOPA. I had a KOPA bird tshirt. LOVED it.

6) Went ice skating at Metrocenter. Yep, it was a girl scout troop field trip!

7) Get irritated when people say "yeah, but it's a dry heat." Uh huh. But now living here, it makes more sense. But hot is HOT. No matter what.

8) Have red burnt cheeks in ever childhood picture. Or a farmer tan. Yup.

9) Had a pool in your backyard. No, I but I was friends with everybody who did! And I was on the Ahwatukee swim team!

10) Vacationed in San Diego or Rocky Point. San Diego baby!

11) Know what it feel like to come out of an icy cold movie theater into 110 degree heat. That is an awesome feeling. Then sitting in your 150 degree car and enjoying it for a split second.

12) Saw your mom drive with potholders. I don't remember her doing it, but I know I did. I had a 65 mustang. No air. Need I say more?

13) Know what "tubing" means. Did it once. Now I call it the salt river enema treatment.

14) Have been "ice blocking." well no, but I've witnessed it.

15) Have a T-shirt that says "I survived the hottest day in Phoenix history" referring to that summer day in 1990 when it got up to 122 degree in the shade. I didn't have a shirt, but I can tell you exactly where I was that day, and still driving that old mustang without air. Ugh.

16) Consider yourself a "Zonie." Only when I felt I was getting dirty looks in San Diego for driving around with my arizona license plate.

17) Ever put Christmas lights on a cactus. Guilty

19) Burnt the bottom of your feet running out to get the mail because you were too lazy to put on shoes. Yeeeah. I can even tell my mom is nodding her head to this one. I did this ALL the time.

20) Know some Spanish even though you never studied it. Yup. Grande size please.

21) Won hot pink scrunchies at Metro Midway! Oh geeze, yes.

22) Enjoyed making song requests at Organ Stop Pizza. I had a birthday party there. It was awesome. And man could they bring down the house with the star wars theme.

3) Got in trouble for leaving crayons in the back seat of the car. Probably. My kids have brought this into the next generation though. Look at the red wax mark on my black carpet in my car I have now.

24) Are not intimidated by a Super Big Gulp. Bring it on. Coke please.

25) Your heroes were Kevin Johnson (KJ), Mark West, and Tom Chambers. Hey, at least I know that is basketball.

26) Had to pay full replacement price for the rented VCR tape you left in your car. Never. Whew.

27) Shopped at Goldwaters, Broadway Southwest, Federated or Diamonds. I loved those obnoxious federated commercials.

28) Remember Dave Pratt the Morning Mayor on 98 KUPD. Unfortunately yes.

29) Can count the number of times it snowed in Phoenix on one hand. I was standing in the parking lot at Fiesta Mall when it did this. It was cool. Weird white stuff on the cars.

30) Stood in line to watch movies at the original Cine Capri. Oooh yeeeah. I saw Star Wars, Rattle & Hum (I had to see the U2 movie at the best theater ever!) and Titanic before it was torn down.

31) Snow Cones and brain freezes made summer worthwhile. Especially after riding my bike to the Alpha Beta shopping center. You had to stop at Circle K before riding back home!

32) Cried when Wallace and Ladmo went off the air Yes, and even harder when Ladmo died.

33) Went to Pistol Pete's pizza, ShowBiz pizza, and can recall Tex Critters at MetroCenter yes

34) Ate at Smitty's pizza. Only the best pizza EVER. Heck, Smitty's deserves a post of it's own. That was the best store. I have a million memories there. I went to see Santa there, and took our glass soda bottles back there to return for .10 each.

35) Remember Gemco Mom? DO *we* remember Gemco or what?!?! I'll pay you back! I promise!! Somewhere in the Target on McClintock and Baseline there is a floor tile that I spent HOURS standing on looking at the model horses for sale.

36) Ate at Furr's Cafeteria Helll yeaaah.

37) Shopped at Mervyn's Sniff sniff. And here they just closed forever. We had a Mervyn's Christmas box that went back and forth to Florida and Arizona for decades. It was always fun to see who got the box with a present in it that year.

38) Saw your first concert at the Arizona State Fair I saw U2 there when they opened for J Giels at the fair! It was love at first sight. And the U2 love keeps going....

38 1/2) Or went to concerts at the original Compton Terrace at Legend City.

39) Remember the Madhouse Macdowell (Purple Palace) yes.

40) Remember Suns Fever yes.

41) Recall Thunder Dan Yes. And I can't think of him without the joke. Remember when his restaurant was closed down from the health department for awhile? There was a joke that said: Majerle's where they cook the carrots and PEE in the same pot. I don't know why, it always made me laugh.

42) Mourned the loss of Cotton Fitzsimmons

43) Believed in the 100 year flood

44) Did the hokey pokey at Skateland. Yes!!!

45) Cruised Central, Metro or Mill Avenue. Back when Mill Avenue was cool baby.

46) Remember only TWO freeways either the I-10 or I-17. Yes.

47) Remember who Rose Mofford or Evan Mecham is. Yes.

48) Know what Sonoyta Motors is. Yes.

49) Know what Price Club is (and when there was only 1). Oh yeah!!! That was heaven for an office supply addict like me.

50) Had Dimension Cable. LOL, yes.

51) Know what the Phoenix Gazette is. Yes.

52) Went to Legend City Yes!

53) Know what Yellow Front, Lucky's, Smittys, AJ Bayless, are Yellow Front ROCKED.

54) Suffered with a swamp cooler. I wouldn't say suffered, I loved our swamp cooler. We even had one in the garage, so our garage was cool during the summer.

55) Went boogie boarding on irrigation day. Oh gosh yes. At the park in Ahwatukee.

56) Thought 19th Ave and Cactus was in the boonies. yes.

57) Were ever excited about your appearance on "Pets on Parade." LOL, no but I loved watching that show, and always was bummed when I missed the dogs and they were already on cats. Waaay before tivo.

58) Suffered the consequences of leaving your sister's favorite vinyl record in the car. LOL, not a record but I'm sure there were some melted cassettes.

59) Thought Big Surf was Rad! - and you had to run from sprinker to sprinkler in the sand so your feet wouldn't burn. Oh, and big surf used to have sand in the pool. Without sand is for wussies.

60) Danced at Club Rio. no.

61) Remember Tex Earnhardt and his "No Bull commercials" All too well. They are in my brain forever.

62) This is for my west siiiiide girl Shanna - Attended a birthday party in a railroad car at the McDonald's on Bethany Home and 23rd Ave. me, no. I was east side.

63) Remember the Dr. Demento show on KZZP every Sunday night. yes.

64) Burned your hand trying to open your locker at school. yes. It sucked to have the ones that were in the sun.

65) Locking your car doors as soon as you got south of Bethany Home. no comment

66) Wished you lived in California. Who doesn't???

67) Didn't believe that High schools actually had indoor halls and full size lockers like they do on TV. Oh yessss!

68)Your Hypercolor T-shirt was permanently a different color under your arms. Haha, never had one, but I remember the armpit issue.

69) Knew not to shoot at a Saguaro because it could fall over on you and kill you. LOL, the thought never occured to me, but this makes me laugh because I did always worry about one falling on me.

70) Thought Flagstaff was REALLY cold. LMAO at this one. YES I did.

71) Always saw at least 10 people you knew on Mission Beach (San Diego) yes!

72) Remember when Buckeye was BFE82) yes

73) Wore jellies in the summer even though you had really bad feet sweat. YES! YES! YES! But I looked oh so coooool.

74) Remember when Ahwatukee had "The house of the future."

75) Have a scar on the back of your thighs from the 3rd degree burns sustained from the metal clip your seat belt clicked in to. YES!

76) Remember the orange trees planted all the way down the middle of Black Canyon Freeway (Now called I-17)

77) Going to slide rock in Sedona and hoping it wasn't closed due to high levels of bacteria in the water! YES!!

78) Remember when Terminal 2 was the only passenger terminal at Sky Harbor and you had to walk on the tarmac. YES!!!!

79) Celebrated a birthday at Ed Debevick's yes.

80) Thought Bobby McGee's was the coolest restaurant ever? yes! Mike and I went there for prom.

82) Ever rode the "crack the whip" ride at Encanto Park. yes

83) Ever got attacked by a jumping cholla cactus? Of course! You have to taunt it to see how far it will jump. Hey, we didn't have tivo and video games...

84) Remember the commercial about Valley Fever..."Dustyyyy, dustyyyy, dustyyyy" LOL, yes!

85) Witnessed the shock when the "art" on the 51 when installed. (Referring to the lovely toilet and large silver sphere.) YES!!

86) Had the bell run for their birthday at Farrell's (Christown) YES.

87) Remember Stu Tracey, Linda Turley and Roger Downey on channel 5?? KPHO!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Oh Liiiiisaaaa.....

I have been keeping up with all the hype with the Becky Higgins 365 project. As cute as it is, it sounds like a nightmare if you ordered it. I've been doing basically the same thing with my blog album for the past couple of years so I'm sticking with the same kolo albums. BUT somebody on 2Peas was talking about the project but making a digital version of it.

Thanks to some smart pea who made a template based on the BH pages for that kit, I came up with this page today. Something about the four rectangles for photos made me think of Lisa and her four girls right away. (Maddy, as soon as your baby grows a little... I'll make one for you too!)

I had fun doing this one. Even though it took forever to do each individual box with different lettering, it was still fun. Ask Lisa how much fun it was when I was hounding her all day long for tidbits about each one of her daughters. ;)

I used to work for sodas, but I don't know how she's going to drop one by my house tonight now....for all of my blood, sweat and tears that I put into this page. I guess I'll have to go buy one for myself. ;)

Michelle has threatened to send me photos...coughcoughbutshehasn'tyetcoughcough.....

send me some!

Friday, January 02, 2009

family bonding - 21st century style

Every now and then we put away the board games or the other new toys from Christmas, and all end up in the same room doing a different thing together.

In the same room as my computer is also a TV with a pretty sweet setup for video game playing. The boys both got cool beanbag chairs for Christmas, so Mike and the two boys will be sitting two feet away from me playing Mario Cart or some other 3 player game together. Megan is in the family room watching TV which is basically connected to where we are all sitting, about 10 feet away.

So pretty much we're all doing our own thing, sitting together and doing 21st century techno family time.

This is a layout I worked on during that time today. :) Just had to share. I can't bring myself to say that these are photos from last year. It doesn't seem that long ago... February of 2008. Ugh, how long is it going to take me to remember to write 09?