Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend. And COME ON what happended to spring?

Sorry, no picture today. I have to admit to being lazy about taking pictures just because I've either been part of what is going on with playing outdoors or it's been too cold to go out and do anything worthy of taking pictures. March is a weird month. It's COLD today. I like the cold... don't get me wrong, but I have been teased with a few incredibly perfect warm days this past week, and it has been nice to be out soaking it all up and doing outdoor things.

Of course then, there's days like today where I just plain old forget about taking it with me. Three times now I have been over by Turfway Park when the horses have been out. Each time I forget to have my camera with me. Today Megan, Matthew and I stopped at PetsMart to kill time while waiting for Trevor at a birthday party. We went to see the frogs and turtles, and the dogs in the training classes. PetsMart and Target are next to the race track. Every now and then I'll be walking across the parking lot and a dozen horses will run by. It's a cool sound and just makes me think, "Dang, I love Kentucky!"

Today when we got in the car I saw that the race horses were being led out and and going towards the starting gate. We pulled around to the other side of the track where we parked right up at the fence and watched as the horses came around the corner on the last stretch of the race. Literally.... 20 feet from the car. Megan and I loved it. Matthew just played DS, I don't think he knew horses just galloped by him.

But as usual, here is another time where I have been at Turfway without my camera. It would have been pretty cool to get a picture of Megan watching the horses at the fence.

So that has been our day. I'm hoping for some warm weather this week to get out and do some things. It looks like we have rain coming for the next couple of days. BUT then Mike will be home in the first part of April, and we have some pretty cool plans for spring break! YAY!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

For the out of state fam...

Dang, this kid is getting big too. I'm not kidding when I say that even with the two year difference in age, when my boys are back to back I can't tell them apart from behind... except one has blond hair and one has brown. They're like little weeds!

We've had a rainy day today, which has been wonderful. After the kids got home it did stop long enough for us to go out and throw a football around. I'm doing my best to not play like a girl. It's hard because both boys have a pretty wicked spin when they throw. At least now I actually keep my eyes open to try to catch it. - And I don't squeal anymore. The things you have to do when daddy is out of town. - I did have to exchange a quick photo opportunity for some football.

I'm also official today. I have a Kentucky license plate on my car. Nothing like waiting until the last possible moment. But now I have a pretty horsie on my car! Much to Megan's and my happiness.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Today is one of those days where everybody is outside. We've had kids coming and going all day, and then went out front and played in our driveway for awhile. Thanks Trevor for letting me get a picture of you during a little break. I swear this guy has grown a couple of inches over the past month.

Here is our tree in front of our house. Just two months ago it was covered with ice. All of the trees around here right now look like this, mostly on a bigger scale because I think we have the smallest one ever. When the huge trees look like this, they are just gorgeous.

Matthew took a spill when he went down the hill on his bike. He had a helmet on, but of course the rule is when you are wearing that helmet some other part of you is going to take the brunt of the fall. His knee didn't fare too well. Poor guy. So he kind of sat on the skateboard after that...

and admired his handywork at bandaging himself up. He's always been like that. He likes to take care of himself but then needs me to smother him with hugs and kisses, and some lap time. At least he still needs me. :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Last dental day... for 6 more months! Yay!

I haven't scrapped in a couple of weeks. Digital or paper. But yesterday I bought a ream of textured white paper to work on my blog album for a little bit and get caught up from the past couple of months, and then I did this one really quick tonight. (I just found the typo dang it!)
Hopefully with the weekend here I'll get more done. When it's been put away for a little bit and I get a chance to do something I remember how good it feels. I was thinking about how much I love keeping a blog and how it goes hand in hand with scrapping. I usually pull my journaling right from an entry so I don't have scattered papers jotted with notes all over the place anymore. I'm finally embracing technology! LOL!
Trevor and I spent the day together today. He was a riot at the dentist. The laughing gas was making him talk the entire time. But he had that clamp in his mouth that keeps his mouth open so all you heard was him making noises. It was funny and sounded like listening to somebody talk from behind a wall. This went on for like 45 minutes. Every now and then he'd laugh at whatever he was saying. He told me after he got out of the chair something about turtles. I don't think he had any clue he was at the dentist once he was in the chair. I promised him I'd hold his hand the entire time because he was all clammy before we went back. You could just feel his hand so relaxed and his legs trying to roll off the chair. I don't think he would have noticed if I wasn't there.
I had plans on stopping at Fountain Square for lunch since the day was so nice out. There are restaurants and food vendors, and it's just a neat place to be with all the people and sitting by the fountain. It's pretty when the weather is nice. But he was craving pizza - Donatos in particular which is his favorite. - So we'll have to go back downtown another time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy day!

Today was such a beautiful day. I went to Meijer to pick up a couple of things for dinner, and noticed that the garden department was open. It is closed during the winter for obvious It felt so good to walk around amongst all of the new trees and flowers!

We have lost two small trees in the front of our house since moving in from windstorms. I've been sick about it ever since because I love my trees. So I was excited to see some new ones in pots ready to be sold. When Mike comes home, that is one of our projects, for sure!

I also picked up some tulips for my table. There is nothing that lifts a mood better than a fresh vase of flowers on my table. Infact they always motivate me to clean up the kitchen area really well because I don't want to lose something so pretty in all the caos. So right now when I walk into my kitchen I smile at my flowers. Why don't I buy them more often? Mike is good about bringing me flowers, but I always forget to get some for myself. I have to remember to do this more often.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If the trees around here are any indication, it looks like spring is here. I remember from the news last year that this area had snow on Easter, so we’ll see what this month brings. But for now I am loving that all of the trees have these bright red or green buds all over them, and the grass is starting to turn green again. I think I like spring. I’m not used to enjoying it as a season, since in Arizona, it’s about a week long. But from what I have noticed here it is an event. There is a lot of yard work going on, with lots of planting. My favorite family nursery that I live by is all stocked with new trees and annuals. It's one of my favorite places to pass on my way home.

Another sign is the Kona truck is back. I have to say there has been a little scene around here that has melted my heart. First Megan went up to her room to get her box of money that she has been saving all winter. She wanted to buy her brothers a snow cone. Then one little girl who lives across the street who is in kindergarten and totally fascinated with Megan, was watching as the kids were all standing in line at the truck. Megan went and asked her mom if she could buy her a snowcone. So the two girls ended up skipping down the street together to buy Molly a snowcone.

Megan never got herself a thing. She’s always like that. She’s going to be a great woman someday. She just makes me so proud.

Then as I was taking a break from trying to fix my stupid garbage disposal, I looked out the window and saw my two boys sitting next to each other on the sidewalk watching the world go by as they ate. They were just talking to each other which was so nice. Sometimes I have to wonder how they can argue and not be able to stand each other but then are the best of friends 5 minutes later. It’s awesome. I’m glad they have each other.

This week has been wonderful now that the weather is beautiful. Since the moment the kids got home from school they have been roaming the neighborhood with other kids. I think there is a big game of hide and go seek that spans about a block wide. That’s the nice thing about the openness here, and no fences. Plus the way the houses are situated, you can see pretty much where everybody is. Then all it takes is a yell out the front door from moms’ everywhere when it’s time for dinner. It’s kind of Norman Rockwell-ish, and I love every bit of it.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Is it already March? While I did send the kids to school in new green tshirts today, that is about the extent of my holiday planning. I'm comfortable with my Irishness... I mean being named after a county in Ireland should keep me from being pinched all year. I've even been listening to U2. Now that I think about it, if I go by those two things alone it is technically St. Patrick's Day year round. LOL!
But tonight we are having spaghetti, breadsticks and an antipasta salad. One of Matthew's favorites, and a meal that never gets any 'Aw man' reactions from the kids. Irish people eat Italian food once in awhile don't they?

Monday, March 16, 2009

little update

I'm here! It has been forever since I've blogged. A little insomnia, a little busy with life stuff, a little worn down and waiting for Mike to get back from Yemen to make me some salsa.

Matthew was so sweet yesterday. He woke up, threw his arms around me and just said, "Have I ever told you how much I love you??" I said, "No...tell me! I love to hear it!" He told me that I'm the best mom in the whole universe. There is no better way to start the day I tell you. He's a good kid. And the best Matthew in the universe too!

He's also leaning towards the dark side. I asked him yesterday if he wanted to watch Thomas with me. (He still plays with the trains, and we still read a Thomas book a couple times a week) but another force is starting to eek it's way into his life right now. Darth Vader. Yes.... he loves Darth. He came home from school when they had the 100th day of school and brought a poster he had made. It had 100 cut from die cut paper sticking out of the top of a piece of black construction paper. He wrote, "I wish for 100 Lego Darth Vaders. Because I love Darth Vader. He is so cool." Then a little picture that he drew.

He's still sleeping with his Lego storm troopers, (They hurt to sleep on when I don't find them all before I go to bed.) and reminds me every now and then that he hopes he'll get the Lego set that comes with the real Vader and his tie fighter. Every now and then he'll ask about chores in hopes of earning money towards it, or asks when the next gift giving holiday is. Little does he know... there's a secret box in the garage. The Easter Bunny is bringing it to him. Along with a cool helmet shaped Darth Vader mug amongst the cheery spring peeps, chocolate bunnies and candy filled easter eggs. :)

This picture of Matthew was from this weekend. We went to a place called Boone Woods. This park is awesome, and we'll be going back this weekend. It is heaven for kids. There is a big play fort with levels and concrete tubes to crawl through. Soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, a cabin to play in, bridges, big knocked over trees to walk on and the best ever..... running creeks! They had so much fun jumping over the water, leaping from rock to rock and all that dangerous kid stuff. It was perfect. Except that we started to get rained out... but we're looking forward to going back.

Trevor has a field trip tomorrow to the Cincinnati Science Museum. It's rescheduled from a snow day.... he can't wait. Megan has a field trip to the Florence Government Center on Wednesday. Then back to Cincy for a dental appointment on Thursday for the T Man. We're going to have lunch together. It's going to be a busy week. :)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

I'm trying to work on some more of the kid's baby albums. These are from Megan when I found out she was a girl! I noticed the date on the photos was March 17th 1998 too! Hard to believe that so many years later.

Time for us to watch The Amazing Race.... which is our big thing to do on Sunday night. The kids and I all watch it together.

- and speaking of reality shows, how did I miss The Apprentice for so many seasons? I started watching the one from this season - Celebrity Apprentice. Just what I needed was another reality tv show to watch! There's no hope for me. ;)

Friday, March 06, 2009

friday night.

Ugggghhhh.... Insomnia sucks. I had it again last night and couldn't fall asleep until after 3:00. I even took a little nap earlier today, but it's hitting me really hard right now. I'm ready for bed, but I have to wait until I pick up Megan from school. She wanted to watch the talent show tonight. I wish I could have just given her the keys to my car. ;)

Which my sleepiness makes me wonder if I like this layout or not. I had so much more in mind for my journaling, but this is pretty much all I could muster tonight. This girl and her reading lately has been amazing. She puts me to shame. She finishes books bigger than mine in two nights. Me? I fall asleep reading a one page article in a magazine. She has the second highest points in the entire 5th grade for AR.... and she just keeps going. We are literally at the library a couple of times a week right now.

Happy weekend. Yawn... I'm out.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

No line on the horizon....

Mmmm. Happy day. Why are you not out buying the NEW U2 album?!? Go. Quickly! Seriously....

Ah today brings back memories of going to Tower Records on Mill Avenue - going back to the U section - and picking up my new 12 inch vinyl disc of whatever album was new at the time. War, Unforgettable Fire, Joshua Tree.... etc. I always bought the vinyl version because you always got cool goodies like a gatefold picture or a little poster and then bought the cassette version for my walkman. Man, does this sound like dinosaur days or what?

Then we moved on to the CDs. And I became a mom. And I'd end up buying a new album from Target along with a package of diapers, or hairspray. Sorry Tower Records.... but I still have a spot in my heart for you.

So today I'm going out to get my new CD. My poor kids and neighbors will love me by the end of the day I'm sure. Mike will be happy he's in Yemen.

I have heard Sexy Boots two days in a row at the same time in the morning that I am doing my hair and putting my makeup on. There's something really nice about hearing Bono sing "You don't know how beautiful you are." when you are staring yourself in the mirror. Thanks guys... you still know me! LOL! ;)

Oh and if the day can't get any better.... I read this morning that there will be another album from them later this year. Supposedly a companion album to this one. Yeeeeeeee! OH and remember when I said in a random post awhile ago that I would LOVE an album with U2 and Green Day? A photo on the U2 site shows Edge and Billy Joe together. Could I at least have gotten another song from the two? Gasp!!! Infact.... MADDY GASP!

Peace and love y'all. I'm outta here and will have happy ears.