Friday, August 19, 2011


Last night we had an amazing storm. Lots of thunder, lightning and rain. This morning when I was sitting out front with Matthew and waiting for the bus, I was sitting next to this grass plant that we have near the steps of the house. From where I was sitting, the drops left over from the night were catching the sunlight so pretty. I swear, I need to save for a macro lense, because the photo above does not catch what I could actually see. It was so pretty. Hey, but I tried and got a picture just to remember.

It was misty this morning too. Not ugly humid misty, but pretty. There is a very slight hint of fall lately. The mornings and night time can almost be chilly. - This is the view out from the front of my house. Across the street right there is a creek where you can see the darker green bushes and trees. Usually that patch of grass in front of it is kept mowed. It's a pretty view really. The creek runs under the road and comes out into a bigger creek area a few houses down.

So the bus passes our house and goes up that street to the left before it turns around in a culdesac up there and then comes back down to pick up Matthew before leaving the subdivision. I watched Matthew and took some pictures as the camera sat on my lap (so as to not embarrass him with me out obviously taking pictures of him....he's in fourth grade now....not cool to have mom take your picture as you get on the bus.) But I loved how he looked. He has a routine. He always smuggles a few Lego guys in his backpack to take to school. He plays with them as soon as the bus is out of sight....then pulls them out until he sees the bus come back down the hill.

Then when the bus is in sight, he puts them back in and it looks like he's been standing there waiting the whole time.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy birthday T!

11 years old today. I'm speechless. I mean, for real. I don't know how time is going by as fast as it is.

Megan was home sick today (cold) so after getting Trevor ready for school I took him to McDonald's for his favorite hotcakes and sausage breakfast. We drove around a little bit while he ate. (Really, there are buildings in Kentucky....I just noticed how vacant the area looks behind him in this photo. This was taken right behind McDonalds.)

I have said it before, that I think the day the child is born is actually easier than the birthdays. So far we haven't even had a party (planning on one in the next week.) but last night I was actually wrapping two remaining presents in the back of my van because he was still awake in the house, this morning I went to Party City to get a few more things, then the grocery store to pick up a pie. By the time I came home, it was time to pick him up from school. Then Matthew got home, then Trevor had birthday money burning a hole in his wallet so we went to Target, then it was time to start making dinner. We had T bones (Get it? For T's birthday?) and Ceasar salad. That was the dinner he wanted more than anything....well, other than "toast" when I asked him a week ago what he wanted me to make for his birthday dinner and I said, "Something I am capable of making....." Toast was his smarmy answer. haha.

Then dinner clean up, then pie, then go outside and play with new toy...then inside to clean up and get ready for school tomorrow. It's been a busy day. But he's worth it. He's such a good kid.

below: playing with a remote control car, fresh from Target. That little thing is CRAZY fast, and rights itself when it falls over. He loves it. He's still saving the rest of his birthday money for a trip up to Kenwood next week with daddy. He plans on going to the Lego store and a game store.

below: one of his lego kits he got today.

Below: birthday pie. He loves pumpkin pie. There are a few pieces missing though. When he got home from school he couldn't wait for a piece, so we cheated and had a few small pieces out of it.

He also got an ipod touch today. Only I feel bad because I am so non electronic, I was able to get it registered but am having a hard time loading some things from the internet on it. Ugh, and usually Trevor is the one who can figure these things out! But.....Mike will be home on Monday if I can't get it worked out through step by step emails tomorrow.

Happy birthday Trevor!

Also, today marks one year uterine free. Yay.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to school....

Today was the first day of school. Kind of weird to start on a Thursday, but the bright side is that the kids all came home today really tired. We can make it another day and then it's already time for a weekend. It's like just getting our feet wet getting back into a new schedule.

Nobody slept well last night. They were all nervous, and even though Megan was the most excited about going back.....I think she still had a hard time getting used to going to bed before midnight.

Trevor - 6th grade this year. He is pretty excited that his homeroom is advanced math, and he has a top locker this year. He wasn't thrilled about returning to school, but it was nice to see him get out of the car and walk up to the door with some confidence this year. He knew exactly where to go and what to expect, so no middle school anxiety like last year. Plus he's just happy that his birthday didn't fall on the first day like has happened many times in the past.

Megan's new shoes. I love Converse. I had to get a photo of them.

Megan doing that heart thing that drives me crazy. She knows it, hence the sarcastic look on her face.

Accessory of the year is a pair of headphones. She had them with her everywhere this summer. Of course before getting into the car to leave for school she had to get in one more song while she could. She also was busy texting friends about where they were going to meet once they got there. I wish I was able to grow up with that kind of technology! This girl is in 8th grade this year. Last year of middle school. Ugh, I'm not too happy about that.

We got to school and I dropped them off. They both walked in together and I'm sure found friends soon after that. Fourth grade this year. The oldest grade in his elementary school. Top dog. As if it didn't hit me hard enough realizing that by the end of this school year, I will have a freshman in high school....I was thinking about how this little guy is going to be in his first year of middle school. I think he is going to love this year because he has one of the greatest teachers. I can't wait to hear about what he thought of her when he gets home.

Below: the "I'm nervous, but I'm too cool to show it" smile.

I drove Matthew to school today even though he's going to be taking the bus. I do enjoy our time together in the car when it's just me and him. He said that he didn't want me to walk in with him, and that he'd be fine finding his classroom. He's trying to be so grown up....and it's breaking my heart!

Last year he also decided that he was going to go by Matt at school. He's still Matthew to me, but even this morning the principal opened the door for him and said, "Good morning Matt!"

Monday, August 08, 2011

Happy birthday Edge. Yeah, you may not be reading my blog....but we're celebrating with some U2 around here.

Is he really 50? Huh? This man has been a part of my life for a long time. I once got to touch him. *heart!*

I loved this article too. Happy birthday Edge.

Monday, August 01, 2011


I was going to post photos daily as part of my project thingie, but I think I am going to finish the layouts first and then post those. It takes a long time to post a bunch of photos in one post.

I have to mention today. I may be the only one who is amused by this. Trevor. The kid cracks me up. Lately both boys have been trying to outdo each other with "Your mom" jokes. I know, they are childish and dorky...but I love a good timed one. It's all in the timing. You can't just throw out "your mom" all willy nilly.

Megan is at King's Island with a friend today, so I took the boys to Hot Heads for an early dinner. (A version of Chipotle, only it's closer to our house.) On the way there, they were doing their usual back and forth. A couple of times they each got out a your mom joke that made me laugh.

Then I tuned out. Like all parents do. Especially as conversation between them turned into a debate on legos.

Then for some reason, I heard Matthew asking Trevor about Christmas, and why is it his favorite time of year, besides the obvious being because of the presents.....

Trevor answers, totally deadpan: I don't know, the Christmas themed worksheets?

That one was totally deserving of a literal snort from me and snapped me right back into listening to them. That kid is funny. It's his delivery that always gets me too.