Friday, March 26, 2010

condensed soup.

supplies: number brushes KD Brush Bucket; scalloped border KD Fancy Borders no. 1; ledger paper KD Spring10 Kit; white cardstock KD embossed cardstock kit; other dotted paper by Katie Pertiet, clip by ehernandez 2Ps.

I was so inspired by Anilu's use of the number brushes I thought I would use them on another page. I love how she used the solid brush and the outline. It's always interesting to see other artist's ideas on how to use the same products. Digital elements especially since you can re-size and recolor. This brush kit is by far one of my favorites!

Conversation overheard while writing the supplies....Trevor and Matthew are playing with Lego clone troopers. Matthew has one he named Bob. Poor Bob. Bob is always the clone getting in trouble. So Trevor names his George. I hear him introducing his clone to Matthew's clone. George CLONEy. Get it? Like George Clooney?? Gotta love that kid. That made me laugh.

Onto other news. Guess who is a workin' girl. Well....working as in having a job with an hourly wage. I still consider being a stay at home mom a pretty BIG job. However..... I got a call today after interviewing twice this week that I am an employee of .....ta da....

After catching up on a few things, I can pretty much guarantee that I will be trading paychecks directly for merchandise. LOL. I really should have found a nice auto parts store or someplace where it's not as tempting to use that employee discount! Momma needs shoes and purses. Housewares, linens, kids clothes, shoes, man shoes, man clothing, small may be dangerous. ;) I tell you though, the process of interviews, background checks and all that has changed a lot since I was working before having children. It hit me that WOW more than a decade has gone by that I have been at home raising kids. Talk about smacking you right upside the head about how fast time has gone by.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Supplies: Word art and numbers KD Brush Bucket no. 1; KD Embossed Cardstock clay (slightly recolored) and white; KD Fancy Borders no. 4; heart stamp - KD Say It With Love kit.
Oooo. I love numbers. When I got an email from Karla this past week with the new brush set I was thrilled!! I know I will be using these quite a bit. I already have another page in my gallery on the blog. Check out the CT blog to see what others did with them too.
This week has FLOWN by. I can't believe it is already Thursday. The sad thing is, because of March Madness, no Survivor to look forward to tonight. :( - I live and breathe Survivor.
Yesterday we went to the park near the house. There are great hills that the kids love to ride their Razors down. It's funny watching them, and I can't help but cringe knowing there is no way I could do it. Trevor didn't' have such a good time this time. He fell off of his and got one of those painful road rash wound on one of his arms. It looks like he fought a cheese grater. I know how much those things hurt. Those are the ones that you can't even breathe on or they sting. There were huge tears but he was trying pretty hard to shake it off.
We were trying to make him laugh while we walked home so he wouldn't be thinking about it too much. Mike told him, "You know what we call that with airplanes? A wheels up landing." It made Trevor laugh. He has the funniest laugh when he's trying not to. I have a feeling that will turn into one of those family jokes next time they are flying down the hills...."Wheels down! Wheels down!"

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I had to keep it quiet for a few days last week.... but see that cool little widget over there?? --->

I took a chance a couple of weeks ago and submitted some pages to one of my FAVORITE digital designers Karla Dudley, who was putting together a creative team and blog. She designs the most amazing digital scrapbooking products for the digichick, along with her beautiful artwork AND just finding out that she will be designing for the Silhouette!! I can't tell you how excited (and a little bit nervous! OMGOSH!) to be a part of this team of super talented women!

So there will definitely be more scrapbooking related posts on here as well.....I have a ton of motivation!

The link on the widget is to her personal blog right now but she is working on a creative team blog as well, where you'll be able to see the work of each artist. It is going to be amazing!


On a side note, there are more signs of Spring around here. This past week has been beautiful weather wise. We've spent a lot of time outdoors and enjoying the sun. - and NO snow! - However, this weekend has been cold and rainy again. LOL, just when I had planned on going out and getting a new crop of photos to work with!!!

There are some mystery leaves popping up from the bed in the front of our house. I love bulb flowers, but don't know a thing about them. So I was so happy and surprised to see these breaking through the mulch this week. I'm watching them to see what they turn into!

Happy weekend!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

feeling nostalgic

*not my photo. Taken from a yahoo image search....since I can't find any orange blossoms around here to get a photo of! LOL!*

This past week I have been feeling nostalgic. It could be really really craving Mexican food, or the goodie box my mom sent that had See's candy in it, seeing the Cincinnati Reds on TV playing at a field in Goodyear with AZ sun and fans in shorts and tshirts already, or even maybe watching Policewomen of Maricopa County on TLC. (Yes, more reality TV. Don't judge me!) and recognizing the overhead shots of Phoenix or seeing the 101, etc and places I've been through a million times.

I mentioned this to my friend Lisa, who was talking about the rain that Phoenix had the other day. Oh that smell of the desert after a rain. It is almost tangible. It is a good smell. Then she was saying that the orange blossoms would be in bloom soon and that I'd REALLY be jealous then! (Enjoy that week of Spring Lisa because you know summer hits you in about two more! Haha! So there!) (I'm allowed to joke...I grew up there. 20 + years.)

I was telling her how the smell of orange blossoms brought back a FLOOD of memories. I remember when I was a kid and we lived in Ahwatukee. It used to be out in the middle of nowhere and we had to drive to Tempe to go grocery shopping. (Smitty's! That is a whole other post of memories and smells!) The best thing about it was that I can remember so many nights of driving ( mom was driving until I was old enough to myself) down Elliot or Warner road, 2 lanes, not a lot of streetlights....and driving by all of the groves of orange trees. I would stick my arm out the window and surf the air with my hand, almost to cup the smell of the orange blossoms in it to take home with me. That smell makes me feel like a kid again.

I loved that even during the hot summers, no matter how hot the day was if you were on those same roads coming back from a swim meet or something, as you passed all of the cotton or corn fields the temperature would drop to where it was almost chilly while you passed them. This sounds like we lived in the boonies, which we really didn't....but at the time there was still a lot of farm land around. I always enjoyed that. Which is probably part of my obsession with the farms here.

Anyway.....I just wanted to get this down while I was thinking of it. A good memory of growing up.

Friday, March 05, 2010

It's there. Little bitty signs of Spring. I dropped off the boys at school the other day and thought it was interesting how the - what was feet of snow that had been pushed to the side of the road only a little over a week ago - was now a little reminder of *hopefully* a season past. March can go either way here. I remember three years ago when Mike was here before we moved and it had snowed in March. But little signs are showing.... like the nursery by my old house is open again and has flats of flowers and new potted trees everywhere again. The grass already has turned a bit brighter green and you can see some new growth. I'm patiently waiting to see the signs on the trees. Trees are smart. Seasons changing don't fool them....they know when it's time.

It's good to see blue sky again, and to start seeing people spending more time outside or walking slower across parking lots enjoying the sun. Which has been hiding for the past couple of weeks.

I'm shocked at how fast this past week has gone. First of all..... believe it or not it is the first full week of school that all three of the kids have had in their new schools. We had so many snow days, or doctor/dentist appointments or tummy aches that somebody was always missing a few days. What a funky milestone to finally have a full week.

You know when your blog has turned into nothing but talking about the weather that things are pretty dull. haha.

Happy weekend!