Friday, March 25, 2011

An update for Wendy. Cuz I love her.

Finally.....the story to go with the photos. Last night I was talking to my mom about this house and posted pictures for her to see. It was after midnight, so I didn't write anything about them. So here it is:

A little over a week ago Mike came into work with a picture on his phone. It was of this house. We weren't really actively looking for anything else yet.....but it is no secret that we absolutely hate the street we are on now. It's really been a downer for the past year. But, with the uncertainty of our future and where exactly we'll end up for good when Mike is able to have a job in the US again, we thought we'd try our best to stick with it. It wasn't going to be easy. But seeing that he found this place....gave me hope!

Long story short, he found this other house. In a much better neighborhood. In the same school district the kids are in so they don't have any major changes. More square footage, each child has their own room again, and it has the best deck off the back....ever! I plan on spending a lot of time out there this summer.

I admit, I'm excited about moving but not so much about the process of it all. We'll have movers, but even once everything is moved in, it always takes so much time to find everything again, find a home for it and then remember where you put it! I think I'm getting too old for this. lol. It's definitely a workout, but hello...I do not want to stay in the current house either! So at least we have a place that will feel like home and we'll figure out the rest after that.

These pictures aren't the greatest as it was a yucky day outside. I drive by all the time when I can and now there are daffodils all over the yard and the trees are actually trying to come back after winter. I think it will be beautiful when the trees fill in.

The yard is huge. I'm sure there will be a ton of fireflies this summer since at the bottom of the hill is a small creek. Behind the house is some land with horses on it. There is plenty of space and existing beds for planting pumpkins, tomatoes and flowers. Plus I plan on using the deck to grow things in containers. I plan on eating outside on the deck all the time, getting a swing and some chairs so we can sit around a fire pit and make smores. I love being outside when it comes to things like that.

So the next week will be full of packing what I can. Otherwise somebody else is coming in to pack. I'm also going over to paint for a few weeks before we officially move in when Mike comes back from Africa.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

SO weird how only a week ago we had snow. Today....bulbs are coming up all over the place like crazy.

So where have I been? Working, enjoying Mike being home, playing with kids, cleaning, and enjoying some warmer weather.

Just didn't want anybody thinking I had abandoned my blog. More updates and photos coming. Most of my photos I have taken lately are on my phone since I've left my camera at home and been part of the things going on. Once I figure out how to load them, I will.

Happy SPRING. Finally.