Saturday, June 30, 2007


Here is an adorable puppy picture for Maddy and Shanna. Oh, and June too, but she actually likes dogs.

Apparently Maddy and Shanna don't find having their toes licked under the table endearing. ;) .................. Dog haters.

Some friends came over to scrap last night. As always, good times. After knowing Maddy for how long, I finally heard her maiden name?!? And it was so odd I can't even remember it. Bingo baby!

My abs were seriously hurting when I went to bed last night. Or veeeery early this morning rather.



- also along the lines of laughing so hard your stomach hurts, I am constantly entertained by Trevor. The boy is seriously a riot.

Tonight at dinner, he was getting mad that Megan was staring at him. So we all started staring at him. He got up and walked behind Mike, and Mike was still staring in the direction of Trevor's chair. Then Mike turned around really quick and yelled, "Bwaaaa!"

Trevor literally jumped in the air and fell backwards on his butt on the floor. It was funny! It seemed like it was in slow motion. Poor guy. Don't feel too bad though, he was laughing hysterically on the floor. Then he got up and yelled, "Big meanie!" to Mike. In between laughing of course.

He's always been funny. I swear someday he'll be a comedian.

Oh and I am SO grateful that Mike is going to see Die Hard with some friends tonight. That means one less man movie I'll have to see on pay per view later on. ;) This movie actually got GOOD reviews?!?!?

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

my underprivileged children

OK, well I have to admit the title is a bit snarky, but it is my nod to an old neighbor of mine who seems to care A LOT about what my family is doing. And not in the good way. I hear gossipy tidbits from a few different people every now and then about this. She is worried that me and my kids never, NEVER get out of the house. Yeah, we're holed up here all the time. ;) But apparently this was the reason why Megan happened to be a little talkative during primary last Sunday. It couldn't have anything to do with her best friend sitting next to her.

Usually I don't give it a second thought, but as we were exiting the parking garage downtown last night, I was thinking about how we have been out every single day since summer began.
But counting from JUST last week alone our plans have included The Pointe, friends' houses, swim parties, various lessons, dinner at Chili's the night before last, and then last night we went to the circus. Oh, and I also took all three shopping since each one has a birthday party to go to this week.

Today Trevor is flying with his daddy. Which to him means that he'll get breakfast before the flight, and lunch somewhere else in the state later on. It's all about food to that little boy.

And let me just throw in here that my 4 year old has been on a cruise a year since birth.
Yeah, my kids never get out.

Little vent aside - (man, do you really know anybody who keeps tabs on your family more than their own????) we had tickets to the circus last night. This is one of the best little bonuses from the radio station.... we have had so many tickets to events over the years that really have spoiled us. Megan loved going before she could talk. She adored the elephants. And one performer named Bello, who was there again last night. We've grown up with Bello. He's cool.

It was a nice media event, where we were invited to a dinner at Cooperstown before the show. Then once inside the arena, we got to stand down on the floor and have about an hour of cool entertainment right in front of us. I think, even pretty horses aside, the favorite had to be these totally cool jump rope guys.

(I'm going to see if I can use the word cool at least 100 times today! Haha! Maybe that is wishful thinking since it is hotter than heck outside.)

I was going to take my camera, but it was pretty hot and I was hoping for a hands free evening. Cool.

Here is to keeping busy this summer, and I have yet to hear the first "I'm bored" of the season.

Which in a roundabout way reminds me that I'm actually pretty excited after going to Target yesterday, that the school clothes and uniforms are back out. It isn't that I'm looking forward to sending my kids off for school, but I really LOVE going clothes shopping with them. Oh, and those fabulous supply lists. I LOVE when you get to buy new crayons.

(also, and I know this is sick to be thinking about... but once the school supplies come out, then Target replaces that huge area with household items. Like the bulk paper towels, wipes and things.... then..... oh yes..... the household items are replaces by...... HALLOWEEN decorations!!!

Perfect little orange happy pumpkins!!!

Life is good. ;)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm melting. Or I can't get enough caffiene in my system to stay awake. I'm not sure what it is, but dang I am tired today.
I did this layout a couple of days ago. The pictures just make me laugh because he looks so serious putting his rollerblades on.
I gave up on trying to scan, so the photo isn't that clear when you click on it. Trust me, the pictures are all in focus. Haha!
Trevor was even with me when I bought the paper at the store. He saw it and said, "Mom. (because I'm not mommy anymore. Cool kids say mom.) This paper is COOL, can you use it on a page about me?" OK, my enabling son, twist my arm. ;) I love scenic route, so he didn't have to twist hard.
Wait until someday when he is smart enough to pick out some paper with me, and he says, "I know you don't have anything red. How about you buy me a new RED car, and you can make a page about me?" He's working me already. I can tell.
I tried so hard to work on some projects last night. You know how you have that urge to sit down and do something, but you can't seem to get inspired enough to do anything? It is frustrating. I hope that feeling gets over with soon, because it really stinks!

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Pointe

I have been a bad blogger lately. Summer is such a weird time. You can not have plans, but the day to day stuff seems to keep us all busy.
The kids have had friends over, gone over to friend's houses, errands to run, craft stuff... you name it.

Last week we did get to do something really fun, and something that I hope turns into an annual summer event for us.

It started last year when Megan was invited to an end of school party with a group of girls from her class. About 8 of them went to the Pointe South Mountain where they all stayed in one room and then played at the property's water park all day. Mike and I went so we could help out if needed. From that moment, I knew we'd have to come back with the boys.

So this time we all went, and had SO much fun. We got a huge suite with an extra bedroom, a kitchen and a huge dining area and living room. After we checked in and changed into bathing suits (me included, ugh.) we went to the water park. They have a huge wave pool with a beach entry (perfect for my boys who aren't totally comfortable swimming in the deep areas yet) a lazy river for tubing, slides, and various pop up fountains everywhere.

Trevor was actually tall enough to go on the slides. He was thrilled about that. That little thing on this picture is HIM! .............

We played until the park closed at 8 that evening. The best part was being able to tell the kids who were all bummed that it was time to go, that we were coming back tomorrow!

We went back to our room, and were all too tired to go out and eat. So we ordered room service, which for some reason the kids think they are royalty or something when somebody brings them food with those metal covers on them. Megan even said, "This is the best trip we've ever had!"

The next day, we got up and went to the park again. We spent hours there, and had snacks at our little table we spread out on. It was just so nice to relax, and do something fun with the kids. By the time we left, we were ALL worn out. The best part was, being that we were so tired, home was only 15 minutes away.

Anybody in the Phoenix area, I totally recommend doing an overnight here. Actually I think there are a couple resorts in the valley that have the same sort of thing. Since it is unbearably hot for out of town people to come here during the summer, the resort is full of locals. The summer rates are so affordable for a big family, and there really is so much for all ages and swim levels. I know we are going to try to do this every summer. It is so worth it.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Scrap night with the girls = cheaper than therapy.

I have to be honest, Friday was not one of my better days. After pure exhaustion, broken promises and a couple other things, I was just feeling down. No short story version, sorry. (Hell that would take too long! Haha!)

So the timing of seeing some good friends on a scrap night couldn’t have been any better.

I know every now and then I throw in a gushy post about how lucky I am to have met some incredible people through a scrapbooking site. (Who would have thought!) Some I have met in real life and love, even though I don’t get to see them often because they live out of state, some I haven’t met in real life but email enough that I feel I would love them too, but the fact that there is this incredible little group of Phoenicians that I call my closest of friends. You know who you are.

We’ve all been through marriages, divorces, new babies, health issues, moving, good times and bad times, and all of that life stuff together for the years that we’ve known each other. It really is the most incredible of support systems.

The thing that made last night so great was that everybody was there. Lisa was able to come all the way down from Prescott, and I realized how much I really miss her funky sense of humor at these crops. Kaelene was supposed to be in California, but ended up being able to come. That girl is sharp! She says things out of nowhere that are just funny.

Shanna made me laugh harder than I have laughed in a long time (that girl can SCREAM!!) We went on a little shopping trip to a scrapbook store, and hit a drive through for some sodas on our way back to Beth’s house. Lisa was in front of us in her Prescott redneck Mack truck along with Michelle and Maddy. Shanna jumped out of her car and snuck up beside them and popped her head through the open window and let out this unnatural blood curdling scream. Resulting in Maddy crying, and I think Michelle peed a little. ;) I just sat back and watched the whole thing. Laughing my rear end off.

And Beth, always the best hostess. Plus she put U2 on for awhile. Enough said right there. She is awesome.

I kind of felt like I was sitting back and watching a movie about these people. Each one brings something in their personality that is different, to the table. Then it all meshes. It was just one of those nights when you realize how lucky you really are and I swear they all made me laugh myself out of a funk. Scrapping + good friends = priceless.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking. Oh, and Toxic Thomas.

Right now I am at watching Mike's plane come home from Cincinnati! He should be here soon. What did we ever do before technology came along that allowed us to track flights across the world?? It is so cool! I like to guess what state he is over before I hit refresh. It's my little game.

I finally get to say more though... He is officially employed!! Woohoo! He got a job with ComAir, who is owned by Delta. It is incredible news!!! I couldn't really say more the other day because technically he still had one more part of the interview to take care of back there.

I am incredibly happy and proud of him. I remember him wanting to do this back when I met him in high school. Life took a few different turns for us, but those turns enabled us to be able to do this now, at this point in our lives.

So it's official! There is a commercial pilot in the house! :)


I have been putting of the inevitable until tonight, when Matthew goes to sleep. There is a recall on thousands of Thomas wood engines. Supposedly there is lead paint on several different characters from a pretty good chunk of the decade. Prime years that my boys were collecting these toys.

I need to sneak in and tag and bag some of these guys. I don't want to over react, but Toxic Thomas is not a fun toy. The only thing is, I keep having flashbacks of all the years that my boys played with them and they of course ended up in their mouths. Ugh.

Thank goodness a large part of the Thomas stuff we have are the metal trains. That should cut my numbers down to about 500 trains that I need to sort through! LOL!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

they do swim!

I just have to preface this by saying how much I used to dread taking my boys near a pool since neither could swim. Trevor, being 6 years old screams like a fire truck if you let go of him or he isn't near the steps. Matthew, always liked to put his head under the water, but never ventured away from the steps either.

I even took them for swimming lessons last year where I spent lots of money, lots of time, and the only thing they both learned how to do was blow bubbles. I was a bit miffed. I just figured if we made it through this summer, they would have to learn next year when we have our own pool.

Today we had a pool party for the activity day girls. Mike wasn't home to watch the boys, so they had to go with me. I was nervous about this. Not only did I have to help lifeguard for several girls, but I had to make sure my boys stayed on top of floaties in the shallow end.

I don't know what got into either of them... but today... they SWAM! Both of them! Like little fish! Well, Matthew looks more like a little frog with his legs, but it is swimming non the less! Trevor even swam across the pool. I am SO proud of both of them. And like a horrible scrapper, I decided to keep my camera at home today since I was afraid there was too many opportunities for it to get broken. Grr.

This is a BIG thing. Huge!

Monday, June 11, 2007

a little layout, and the sopranos happily ever after

This is my totally inspired by Karla Dudley page. (She is SO awesome!! check her out!) I had these photos from awhile ago, and they were just kind of sitting in their folder on the computer.

I saw a page of hers with the Basic Gray paper, and that incredible little sentiment: The most precious of offerings. It was perfect. I had done a page about Trevor giving me flowers at about the same age, and that line just sums it all up. Just about every mom has a moment like this, when a little one brings you a fist full of flowers or pretty weeds.


I'm still thinking about the Sopranos today. I admit when the ending came my first response was to yell at the dog or somebody who had to have accidentally pushed a button on the remote to make the screen go black. I wonder how many other people across the country yelled, "NOOOOO!" at the same time, thinking that the cable had gone out or something.

What an ending. At first I felt kind of angry that everything wasn't all tied up in the end. There were, and are still so many questions. But... that is part of what made that show so good. You had to think a lot while you were watching it. My theory is that Tony and family are all just fine. Like the song on the jukebox in the end: Don't stop believing... Life goes on and on and on....

you know. I could go on forever with talking about it, the little hints that could go both ways (that Tony was killed, or the whole family was killed) but I admit that I like Tony. I want them to all just be a normal family. I'm beginning to think the ending was perfect because you could interpret it anyway you wanted if you thought about it enough. And let's face it, if it had ended in any other way people would be arguing that it wasn't what should have happened. Nobody would be perfectly happy with the ending. Just like people are saying that they expected more when Phil was whacked. Now see, I thought that was pure genius. Mike and I even had to rewind it a few times to enjoy it over and over. Violent... but funny. And the guy deserved it! "Pop!"

My only complaint about the entire show was that I wish Paulie would have whacked the cat!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Harry Potter and what is with this weather???

This was the plan all along.

Well, at least after like the third book and I saw how people were going crazy over it.

I wanted to wait until the last Harry Potter book was near coming out so I could start the whole series and not have to wait. I'm like that. I have a hard time with cliff hangers!

Today I got book ONE!

So, if Lisa is any indication.... I won't be blogging much for awhile. ;) She, along with everybody else I know who started these books kind of went into hiding while reading them. Normal life ceases to exist! It's all about Harry.


You know how I love to talk about weather too...

well it has been absolutely AMAZING here in the Grand Canyon state. Is it really June??? I swear, we have had such a great spring. (Which lasted more than the typical week.) But yesterday and today have cooled down. Today in my car the thermometer read 87 degrees! Yes, in JUNE. It is incredible.

Last night was beautiful too. Everybody was outside enjoying it. This reminds me of what Phoenix used to be like when I was a kid. Summer was hot, but we got a daily rainstorm to cool us off for a couple of hours and then the nights were beautiful.

So today I just had to mention how happy the weather is making me! Because I know in another week I'll be complaining about it. ;)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A huge wooohoooo!

What's that in the sky? A bird? A plane?

A big plane???

YES. A very happy day at our house today. Mike had his interview and it went well. :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

some cards.

Nevermind my last post about my clean desk. It's a mess now. I bought these really cute Lil' Davis chipboard things. I love them. I love them so much I have been hoarding them and afraid to use them on anything. Why is that?? So, I figured I would make some cards with them. I mean a package of them is only $2, it was good therapy for me to lighten up and go ahead and use them.
Plus I have a good reason. I have a small tower of plasticware in my kitchen. All clean. All from last week when people were bringing us dinner. Now I know that they are the 'disposable' kind. You know, the Ziplock ones, but you still can't get yourself to throw them away. So I would imagine somewhere in the back of the minds of the people who brought dinner they would be thinking, "I hope she brings those back!"
So along with the plasticware, I wanted to make some thank you cards. These women deserve the time it takes to make them because everything was wonderful and they took a huge burden off of my shoulders last week.
Man, now my desk looks like Lisa's. ;)

Monday, June 04, 2007

It is hot. I'm already whining, but I have a good reason, I promise!

It is 100 degrees.




Upstairs. The a/c went out. This really stinks. I am very grateful for the fact that we have 2 units, so it looks like we'll be having a campout downstairs tonight. The kids are excited. They seem to think it is some sort of adventure.

I'm also glad that our couches are huge. Because THAT is where I'm sleeping tonight.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

summer has finally started around here.

Today feels like the official first day of summer. Probably because the first week seemed like a blur with everything going on.

Today I took the kids swimming. My ward has this awesome thing worked out for the summer where every Friday a group of moms meet at different houses so our kids can all get together and swim. My kids loved it... being that we are the only ones on our street that seem to not have a pool. (next year... next year... next year.... I keep chanting this to myself.) It was great that they got to see some friends, cool off and wear themselves out with a couple hours of solid swimming.

Does swimming count as taking a bath??? ;) It should, because I can't believe it is already so late. We've totally blown any sort of bedtime rules too, since summer began.

I took the longest nap ever today. I think the weight of everything going on for the past couple of months crashed on me today. I have been seriously fatigued.

Lets just say that if U2 was waiting for me at a scrapbook store full of free products to give me, and all the coke I could drink, I still wouldn't want to go. Now that is tired. Not to mention too, when I came in the door from swimming expecting Mike to be up and feeling better... he was in a fetal position on the couch. Again. Oh no.

He had a stint removed, and apparently that shocked the hell out of something inside him. Like his innards haven't been violated enough lately. I called the doctor, and he said to watch him for an hour and if it didn't get better to head BACK to the hospital. Noooooooo! I wanted to have an all out tantrum on the floor. No. No. No.

He was still hurting most of the day, but I think the thought of him having to go back didn't appeal to him either. Please, I hope this was the last hurrah today. I'm ready for some normalcy around here.

And speaking of... time to get these kids into bed.