Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy birthday Matthew!

I saw these cookies online. They made me think of Matthew....who's birthday is TODAY. Nine years old. Plus, he loves zombies AND according to the updated version of the last date of the zombie apocalypse.....when nothing happened.....the new date was supposedly today. Here I am in Kentucky, without my little zombie killer. (He loves to play some Nazi zombie game on the Xbox.) Once again this dooms day date has come and gone. Whew. We did think it was funny since the last supposed one that the new date was on Matthew's birthday.

He is in Phoenix today. I'm not used to not having the kids with me on their birthdays. Aside from when I had surgery on Trevor's birthday last year....I've always had them at home with me. Mike had to go to Phoenix for a funeral, and took Matthew with him since he is usually the one who misses birthdays because of work and being overseas. This was a nice opportunity for them to spend some time together and for Matthew to take a trip.

It sounds like he has had a ton of fun. I couldn't let the day go by without posting a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little guy. Pictures soon. I love you buddy!

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