Friday, October 28, 2011

I wish I could get a picture of how pretty the backyard looked today. At one point the contrasts were so vivid, it was gorgeous. The sky was layered with a pretty red sunset underneath a layer of dark ominous looking clouds, with kind of lighter blue on top of that. - And the trees were bright yellow, orange and red. The grass was such a pretty bright yellow green. Man, hard to describe and get in a photo, but I'll never forget it.

Today was airport day. Never one of my favorite days. Mike is on his way to Johannesburg. Every time I say that in my head, I hear Bono talking about a line in Silver & Gold from Rattle And Hum. Plus I think of U2 playing there.

Megan and Trevor had a halloween dance after school today, and much to my surprise Trevor asked about going. I guess he did go last year, but I hadn't heard him talking about it at all the past couple of weeks, so I figured he wasn't really interested in going. He was meeting some friends, and Megan had her usual group that was going to be there.

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