Saturday, October 22, 2011


I love this time of year. I have no idea why I have put off decorating for Halloween. I saw this picture with the ghosts online, and just had to post it because it makes me smile.

The leaves are so bright lately. I took a drive down one of my favorite roads the other day and there is a long row of bright red trees. They were so beautiful.

I'm feeling crafty too. I don't know what it is....but for some reason I'm feeling a bit of domestic crafting is something I need to get into. I have a cool idea for a big subway sign that I would like to do for my stairwell. I also came across this dog thing, that I thought would be kind of neat to paint and do my own version for my kitchen. Maybe more along the lines of coffee....instead of maple syrup though. Who knows, in my mind it's only in design stage. Seeing as how I still have to finish painting the rest of my chairs for my dining room set, who knows when I'll actually get to this....but the planning IS fun right?

It is cold tonight, and I plan on putting on some jammie pants, and getting out the horse blanket....and sitting down and watching The Soup.

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